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Village FOL

Listening: Bells
(Sheila Doak)
(Listen, Listen) Listening to the sound of the bells is
great fun, but also helps your child begin to develop an
important musical skill, awareness of the unique color
or sound of an instrument. Just wait until you see what
skillful listeners your children will become!
"AND this will help them when they get to school, etc.,
etc." Always remember to pull in the benefits to
non-musical areas! Julee

Village FOL

Singing w/Baby
(Shirley Cleveland)
"Hi everyone! Welcome to Kindermusik class today! I bet
you know that when we do daily care routines such as
bathing and diapering our babies they are learning so
much about their environment through our language and
our touches. Our next song will be fun for you to use in
some of your daily routines with your baby to add to the
pleasure of the experience."

Village FOL

Vocal Play
(Marjorie Avent)
"Vocal play is not only fun to observe and to
participate in, but it also serves to assist Baby's
language development. Even now, Baby is beginning to
learn basic conversational skills."
Village FOL

Rocking: Vestibular system
(Janice Rensberry)
Not only does rocking to lullabies like this one help
create a bond between you and your baby, it stimulates
their vestibular system which is the center of balance
and gravity. So the rocking you do now will help your
baby when he becomes a preschool child and is learning
to jump, skip, hop and walk a balance beam!

Village FOL

(Jeannie Hayes)
" It's exciting to watch a baby develop the skills of
listening and focused attention right before our eyes!!
As we do the next activity with "Listen, Listen", watch
your baby's reactions to this hiding game." "Remember
that hearing is a faculty, listening attentively is a
skill that is learned."
Village FOL

(Laurie Calhoun)
Listening activities benefit your child's cognitive and
social development. Your child will be more aware of
his surroundings (useful when crossing the street and
seeking shelter before a storm). Socially, your child
will be better prepared to listen and take turns in