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In what year did Master Bodhidharma travel to China?
circa 500
In what year did China send 36 families to Okinawa?
In what year did the Ryukyu Islands have a civil war?
1470. After the Middle Kingdom won, people could no longer possess weapons or practice martial arts.
In what year did Christopher Columbus discover America?
The Emperor had his army destroy the temples with cannons and explosives in what year and why?
circa 1500. The emperor was concerned because the Monks were becoming politically active and changed their religious principles and took up edged weapons.
In what year was there a civil war between various Samurai Clans in Japan?
1600. The winner became military ruler of all Japan and was called Shogun.
In what year did the Shogun send the Satsuma Clan to take over Okinawa.
1609 The Samurai installed a puppet king and banned weapons and martial arts training.
In what time period was the Meiji Restoration?
In 1868 Tokugawa Shogun lost power and the emperor was restored. This was around the time of the U.S. Civil War.
In what year did Master Anko Itosu, the “Father of modern karate,” begin teaching Karate openly in the Okinawan Middle Schools.
In what year did the King of Okinawa send Master Gichin Funakoshi to Japan?
When did Master Robert Trias open the first karate school in America?
1946 in Phoenix, Arizona
In what year did Sensei Ken Knudson open his first Olympic Karate studio in Chicago?
In what year did Sensei John DeNigris open up CPD in Indianapolis?
In what year did Sensei Ken Knudson open his first Olympic Karate studio in Indianapolis?
When did Sensei Bill Wallace start teaching karate in Indianapolis?
When did Shihan meet Hanshi Herb Johnson?
When did Shihan open his first dojo?
When did Shihan meet Sensei Lowell Johnson?
1978 in Madison, Indiana
When did Shihan meet Chuck Merriman?
Shihan met him in 1979 at the US Open in St. Petersburg, FL. He was Shihan’s referee in the finals.
When was Hanshi Johnson appointed as International Style Head for Shorei Goju Ryu by Master Trias?
In what year was Chuck Merriman the coach of the US Pan Am team?
When was Shihan appointed to the head of his own style?