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bologna is surronded by

a wall and 12 gates

main church

Basilca di san petramia

alluding to the inactivity to kappa sigma quote

"My colors fade...for want of wearers"

America founding

December 10th 1869

5 friends enrolled to

University of virginia

Met at this dress

46 east lawn

first chapter

zeta chapter

5 friends

William Grigsby McCormick

George Miles Arnold

Edward law Rogers Jr.

Frank Courtney Nicodemus

John Convert Boyd

Sat above the door at 46 east lawn was

The plaque "Mantet Mansuraque Est."

My Brothers keeper Quote

"Drink in moderation my dear brother, do not get drunk. Let us spend our time as friends, not enemies"

initiation of William Cornelius Bowen

founders Boyd and Rogers, with North Thomas, Toadvin and Farr

Diligence and commitment

Diligence must be you watchword, whatever you do well, and may success attend your efforts.