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What are the Risk Factors for a neonate needing possible Resuscitation?
-twin gestation
-presence of Meconium
What are the risk factors for a child needing possible Resuscitation?
Accidents or Illnesses
What is the sequence of resuscitation in the Neonate?
1. Position, suction, & tactile stimulation
2. Oxygen
3. Bag valve ventilation
4. Chest compression
5. Intubation
6. Medication
What are 3 occasions when Intubation of a neonate may arise?
1. when bag ventilation is ineffective
2. if tracheal suctioning is required
3. when prolonged positive-pressure ventilation is necessary

**Tube size for the newborn is 2.5-3.5 with NO cuff
At what age may CUFFED Endotracheal tubes be used?

What is the formula for figuring out tube size?
> 8 years old

Tube size = (Age in years + 16) / 4
At what age can the Heimlich maneuver be performed?

What is done to younger children?
1 year of age

Back blows & chest thrusts