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What is the definition of dense?
thick; packed closely together
Context Clue: The crowd is so dense at the mall.
What is the definition of communal?
public; owned jointly by all; of the community
Context Clue: Brian lives in a communal environment.
What is the definition of desolate?
deserted; left alone
Context Clue: She lived in a desolate and unhappy neighborhood.
What is the definition of maternal?
motherly; like a mother
Context Clue: My mother is maternal, my father is paternal.
What is the definition of beseiged?
overwhelmed; crowded around
Context Clue: He was beseiged by enemies.
What is the definition of hoax?
To deceive in jest or in malice
Context Clue: She did a mischievious hoax.
What is the definition of omnipresent?
at more than one place in one time
Context Clue: The Lord is omnipresent.
What is the definition of rapacious?
seizing by force; plundering; grasping; greedy
Context Clue: He rapaciously took over the city.
What is the definition of incongruously?
not consistent; out of place
Context Clue: It seemed incongruous that he attended church before robbing a bank.
What is the definition of quorum?
a number of members of an assembly; majority
Context Clue: The quorum of the assembly seemed to agree.
What is the definition of evade?
to avoid trickery
Context Clue: He quickly evaded his enemy by jumping over the handrail instead of going straight down the stairs (Back To The Future).
What is the definition of chaos?
total disorter; pandamonium
Context Clue: When I went to the party at Madhuri's house, the whole place was chaotic with screaming girls.
What is the definition of abrasive?
provoking anger; harsh or crude
Context Clue: Ian Malcolm is very abrasive.
What is the definition of deciduous?
falling off at a particular stage of growth
Context Clue: (Hint Hint, The deciduous trees from science!) The trees outside my house are deciduous.
What is the definition of intermittent?
stopping for a time and starting again
Context Clue: Volleyball is intermittent because it has specific seasons!
What is the definition of oblivious?
not mindful; forgetting
Context Clue: She was oblivious to the chaos downstairs.