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Designed to drive everyone crazy with its never-ending yapping.
007 Gigi
It looks like a dog.
Designed to disinfect and sterilize everything in sight.
010 Felix
It looks like a green Stitch, with a trunk and a feather duster tail.
Designed to give off a brilliant light in order to keep people awake.
025 Topper
It looks like a star.
Designed to detect lies.
032 Fibber
It's all red and has a big head.
Designed to drive nails in around Jumba's house (but can pound you too with its head.)
033 Hammerface
It has a hammer shaped head.
Designed to steal your stuff.
149 Bonnie
It looks like your average alien.
Designed to steal your stuff.
150 Clyde
It's big and has what looks like a mechanical left hand.