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based on your duties (Kant)

intellectual based knowledge (Mill)
Wired Services
provide on an hourly basis for news. very fast but everyone can obtain it

News syndics
sends stories to other news stations, up for buys. very creative and well edited, anyone can subscribe to it and get the news


independent agents, whom gather news and sell it. flexible and cost effective (per story basis), unpredictable and could have issues (used to new media, young, cheap)


usually based in specific location rather than flee to a news site. Very well connected and knowledgeable and know the inside politics, however unknowledgeable about an American Audience, labor intensive.
parachute journalists

get sent to location by someone. "hot spot", you send them there. very well information and great journalists, very dependable usually don't know international journalists, no other languages (very best people)
covering an area/region overseas if daily news, get best paid because they are overseas. best of all worlds, knowledgeable on world sense, flexible. very expensive (3 year committee)

tell the truth when you should (your duty)

"do its duty for the sake of duty"

"telling the truth is a self-evident obligation to media professionals and attempting to justify it further"


greater good, the basis of the greatest balance of the good over evil when making the right or wrong choices.

"all that matters in determining the right and wrong choice is the amount of good promoted and evil restrained"