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Name the three types of joints according to their degrees of movement

Fibrous Joints

Cartilaginous Joints

Synovial Joints

How many synovial joints are there?

a) 3

b) 7

c) 6

d) 5

Answer - c) 6

Define articulation?

The meeting of 2 or more bones

Explain fibrous joints and name the 3 types

Strong, short bands of fibrous tissue hold the ends of bones together and no movement is possible, for example bones of the skull, pelvis and sternum.

Suture, Syndesmosis and Gomphosis

Name all of the synovial joints





Ball and socket


Explain Cartilaginous joints

In cartilaginous joints the bones are seperated by a disk or plate of tough fibrous cartilage, allowing a small amount of movement, for example, where the ribs join to the sternum

What do ligaments do in a synovial joint?

-Join bone to bone

-Act like strong rubber bands

-Prevent dislocation, stretch slightly to allow bones to move

Define synovial joint

Allows a wide range of movement in atleast one direction

What is the difference between a joint capsule and articular cartilage?

Joint capsules helps to enclose and hold bones together whereas cartilage helps to allow smooth friction free movement

Bursa - Parts of the ________ membrane lining the joint _______ break to form _______, or pockets, separating _______ and muscles from the underlying ____.






What is the purpose of a hinge joint? Give one example

Similar to a door swinging on it's hinges. It allows flexion and extension only.

Examples: elbow and knee joints

Is the vertebrae a pivot, ball and socket or saddle joint?