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What was the main difference between Bentham and Mill's definition of pleasure?

Bentham focused on the quantity of pleasure, whereas Mill focused on the quality of pleasure.

What are higher and lower pleasures?

Higher pleasures are pleasures of the mind.

Lower pleasures are pleasures of the body.

Higher pleasures are better than lower pleasures.

Does Mill's theory show evidence of speciesism? If so, why?

Mill believed that humans are more important than animals as we are able to access the higher levels of pleasure.

Is this theory strong or weak rule utilitarianism?

Weak as there isn't one rule like Bentham's utilitarianism. It's more flexible.

What is a strength of having the system of higher and lower pleasures?

It allows us to see the different levels of pleasure that could be created. This means that we can more accurately determine whether an action will be right or wrong.

What is a weakness of using pleasure as a measure of morality?

It's difficult to measure as pleasure varies so much between people. At best we can only assume that an action will create more pleasure than pain.

Can an action be sure to create "the greatest happiness for the greatest number"?

No, situations can often be unpredictable and though an action may be thought to be moral, it actually may not be.

What does Mill's theory still fail to resolve (from the weaknesses of Bentham's theory)?

It still fails to defend the minorities - they will still always lose out.

What did Sedgwick say about Mill's thoughts?

"In practice it is hard to distinguish between higher and lower pleasures"