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eques, equites m.
This is a test
equites, equitum m.
pedes, pedites m.
foot soldier
pedites, peditum m.
he, this/that
she, this/that
it, this/that
hic, haec, hoc
this, the latter
ille, illa, illud
that, the former
bibo, bibere (3), bibi, ---
I drink
curro, currere (3), cucurri, cursum
I run
dico, dicere (3), dixi, dictum
I say, tell
edo, edere (3), edi, esum
I eat
imperative singular of dico (say! tell!)
peto, petere (3), petivi, petitum
I seek, beg, ask, attack, aim at
scribo, scribere (3) scripsi, scriptum
I write
formerly, once upon a time, some day
decline: hic, haec, hoc
hic, haec, hoc
huius, huius, huius
huic, huic, huic
hunc, hanc, hoc
hoc, hac, hoc

hi, hae, haec
horum, harum, horum
his, his, his
hos, has, haec
his, his, his
decline: ille, illa, illud
ille, illa, illud
illius, illius, illius
illi, illi, illi
illum, illam, illud
illo, illa, illo

illi, illae, illa
illorum, illarum, illorum
illis, illis, illis
illos, illas, illa
illis, illis, illis
decline: is, ea, id
is, ea, id
eius, eius, eius
ei, ei, ei
eum, eam, id
eo, ea, eo

ei, eae, ea
eorum, earum, eorum
eis, eis, eis
eos, eas, ea
eis, eis, eis