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bessie smith
blues singer
Jelly Roll Morton
-one of first to write down his jazz
-claims to have invented jazz.
King Oliver
-Armstrong's Mentor
Duke Ellington
-upper middle class DC- nickname duke from elegance.
-Considered himsefl a composer
-cjam blues, it dont mean a thing, echos of harlem.
-wanted to control what was heard and how the piece was remembered- tihs was not common in jazz especially early jazz.
Paul Whiteman
-king of jazz w orchestra
-orchestrate jazz to make it respectable and accepted
-couldn't hire blacks
-educated in classical music- heard jazz in san fran an dhad money to explore jazz via hiring Gershwin.
-commissioned George Gershmin(spl) to write Rhapsody in Blue.
-jazz with strings
-white violinist
"there aint no man worth the salt of my tears".
New Orlenas
-creole, carribiean, black african
-oppurtunities not in NO.
-river cruises to and from NO.
-midwest RR stop point
New York
-media center
-harlem=draw for blacks, firendly places and good music.
-new at the time
-no room for drums in studio.
-16 bar blues gave time for each instrument to introduce self.
-muscicians would quote one another in improv to show that listened to each other.
Louis Armstrong
-i cover the waterfront
-famous NO trumpet player
-thought he was a great singer- even though he sounds like he gargles razor blades.
-invented modern time- the syncoptation & swing improv.
-goal was to be a master at improv.
-from 'battle field' New Orleans
-blew a horn for his delivery job
Fletcher Henderson
-entrepreneurial, started a band
-famous arranger of bands.
"sugar foot stomp"
-with groups as big as his Jazz was written more
"hotter than ell"
Frankie Trumbauer
singing the blues til my daddy comes him
river boat shiffle
Bix Beiderbacke
-hired by Frankie Trumbauer
-first of famous white guys
-major substance abuse problems
-many thought just as good if not better than armstrong on trumpet
-people outisde jazz tried to make it a racial issue -musicians did not care.