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Which letters are sometimes silent in Japanese?
"i" and "u"
How do you prounounce "r" in Japanese?
Similar to Spanish. It is a mixture of the "l" and 'd' sounds. Prounounce lu. While saying 'r' bring your toungue to the top of your mouth as you did when you prounounced 'lu'
Prounounce 'f'?
sounds similar to H
Direct Object
Entity on which the verb is performed
Describes the verb
The person who performs the action of the sentences verb
diff between subject and direct object
One performs the verb the other is what the verb is being performed on (direct object)
Plain Form
The style commonly used in anime and which you would use when speaking to family and friends.
Polite Form
The manner of speaking used to sound polite - when not around family and friends