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What year did the Mongols first attack the Japanese?
What year did the Mongols get defeated by the Kamakura shogunate?
How was Japan formed (myth)?
heaven and earth seperated and gods came to life
seventh generation- two gods:
what culture first appeared in Japan and when?
Jomon culture (from Korea)
about 8,000 BCE
-created a drifting land
-thrusted a jeweled spear into the ocean and when he withdrew it, the drops fell from its point, forming the islands of Japan
The major islands together/geography
-146,000 miles... about the size of montana
-curves 1,200 miles
-very isolated... seas act as barriers
Early people of Japan- what were they?
hunters and gatherers - 10,000 years ago
The Ainu
early people of japan
live on Hokkaido
may be descendants
where did the immigrants push the early people of Japan?
north abou 200-100 BCE
What did the Yayoi do?
-introduced the cultivation of rice in water... became most important crop
-used metal tools to irrigate and level land... this changed the Japanese from hunter-gatherers to farmers
between 200-300 AD
"Tomb culture" replaced Yayoi
200 BCE
Jomon replaced by the Yayoi...settled in fertile plain- Yamoto on the largest island, Honshu
Tomb Culture
left huge graves with bronze mirrors, crowns, clay figures of armor-clad warriors and horses
Highest ranking Kami
Sun Goddess came to be identified as Japan's emperor
-revolved around nature
-natural world is filled with divine spirits, KAMI
A court of refinement-
where was it?
the new capital of Kyoto, then known as Heian.