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What was Jane’s father’s profession?
How old is Jane at the beginning of the novel?
Why is Jane made to stand in the middle of the classroom at Lowood?
She drops her slate.
How does Helen Burns die?
She has consumption.
Where is Jane when Helen dies?
She is asleep in bed with Helen.
How does Jane get hired as a tutor by Mrs. Fairfax?
Jane advertises, and Mrs. Fairfax answers the ad.
Which country is Adele from?
What are the circumstances of Jane’s first encounter with Mr. Rochester?
Jane is walking outside when he passes on his horse, which slips on the ice and causes Mr. Rochester to sprain his ankle.
Why does Mr. Rochester like to talk to Jane?
He perceives that she is a good listener and a sympathetic audience.
Why does Mr. Rochester feign courtship with Miss Ingram?
He wants to make Jane jealous.
Which character is attacked on the night of Mr. Mason’s arrival?
Mr. Mason
Whom does Mr. Rochester allow Jane to believe is responsible for setting fire to Mr. Rochester’s room?
Grace Poole
Why does Mrs. Reed send for Jane on her deathbed?
Mrs. Reed has a confession to make concerning a letter for Jane from Jane’s uncle.
Where does Mr. Rochester finally propose to Jane?
By the chestnut tree in the orchard
Who prevents the marriage from happening?
Mr. Mason
Who is the woman in the attic?
Mr. Rochester’s wife
How is Jane related to St. John Rivers and his sisters?
They are cousins.
Where does St. John Rivers want to go?
What happens to Thornfield Hall?
It is burned to the ground.
What does Jane do with her inheritance?
She divides it among herself, Diana, Mary and St. John.