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Large numbers of _________ were brought to the colony against their will to work as slaves on the plantations.
Who sold shares of stock to establish the first profit-making venture in the Jamestown community?
The Virginia Company of London
As the population moved westward __________ became a more central location for Virginia's capital.
The charters of the Virginia Company of London granted the colonists what 3 rights?
1. to form their own government
2. establish a settlement in North America
3. to begin colonies in the New World
Give three examples of cultural landscape.
Barns, Places of Worship, and Homes
Money put away to save or to spend at a later time is _____.
The ___________ of Virginia reflected American Indian, African, and European origins.
___________ is a good or service owed to another.
________ destroyed wooden buildings at Jamestown.
Trading by exchanging goods for other goods, not money is an example of ________?
____________ and living in new areas caused people to adapt old customs to their new environment.
Two citizen representatives from each division of Virginia made up one part of the Virginia Assembly in 1619 they were called _______?
The English primarily settled in what regions?
Coastal Plain/Piedmont
Buying a good or service now and paying for it later is _________ .
_________ is a crop that is grown and sold for money.
Cash crop
Who granted the charters to the Virginia Company of London?
The King of England
Why was Williamsburg considered a better settlement site for the colonial government than Jamestown?
It was on higher elevation.
What was the first attempt at self-government in the Virginia Colony?
House of Burgesses
In which region were the American Indians not found?
Valley and Ridge
Today's Virginia's General Assembly developed from the __________ which began in 1619.
House of Burgesses
This group of people settled in the Shenandoah Valley because of its rich farmland and it was along the migration route.
Germans and Scotch-Irish
Name 4 reasons why England wanted to begin colonization in America
1. To find silver and gold
2. Increase her power
3. Open new markets for trade
4. Raw materials
Drinking water was also contaminated in Jamestown by seepage of __________.
Salt water
What was the first permanent English settlement in North America in 1607?
This group settled primarily in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont regions, where agriculture required a great deal of labor.`
When the English settlers arrived in 1607, Jamestown was on a narrow peninsula. Today Jamestown is located -------------?
On an island in the James River.
The capital was moved from Jamestown because dirty living conditions caused _____.
__________ is known as coins and currency used as a medium of exchange.
Why did the English settlers choose Jamestown as the sight for their new colony?
1. Easily defended by attack from the sea.
2. Water deep enough for ships to dock.
3. Supply of fresh water.
The first representative legislative body in English America was the -----------?
Virginia Assembly
Colonial Virginia had no _______.
___________ is a crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers.
Cash crop
The __________ of the Virginia colony depended on agriculture as a primary source of wealth.
This item was used for money and was known as a cash crop and green gold.
Tobacco became so important that it was used for ______.