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What is a craftsman?
A person who has learned a special skill.
What is a port?
A place along a river or a coast where ships deliver and receive goods.
What is raw material?
Something that is taken from the earth to be made into something else.
What is trade?
An exchange of goods.
Pine trees were used to make what?
Masts for ships
Why are pine trees popular for mast making?
They are stronger and all in one piece.
People explored the Northeast in search for beavers... why?
They heard about a Great Lake where beavers lived by the millions.
Who moved to the Northeast to work in shipyards?
How did settlers in the Northeast get manufactured goods?
By trading raw materials.
West Indies people traded what with the European settlers?
sugar, coffee and molasses
The Northeast traded their raw materials with whom?
West Indies and Europe
What is a region?
an area having one or more features in common that set it apart from others
5 regions in the US are...
Northeast, Southeast, West, Midwest and Southwest
In Order:2
After many years of trapping there were no longer many beaver pelts left in the NE
In Order:2
European settlers settled along the coast of the NE
In Order:2
Trading posts grew into settlements
In Order:2
Settlers went in search of more beavers. They searched for the "great lake".
In Order:2
Trade began between the Native Americans, European settlers and Europeans.
In Order:2
Trading posts were set up along rivers
How did beaver trade affect the lives of people in the Northeast?
they traded pelts for manufactured goods with they needed from Europe
Why would people build trading posts along rivers?
it was an easy place to load and unload beaver pelts from boats
2 ways the Indians were skilled hunters:
They knew every animal trail.
They knew the animals habits.
Where did most European settlers live when they came to the NE?
On the coast or at the edge of the forests.
What were the European settlers interested in that the Indians had?
beaver fur
Why did European settlers want the beaver pelts?
So they could get valuable goods with the pelts and to make hats.
What did the Indians get FROM the Europeans (trade)?
cloths, biscuits and tools
(manufactured goods)
What did the Europeans get FROM the Indians (trade)?
beaver pelts
Why was the NE a good area to build ships?
There were lots of pine trees in the area.
What 2 important uses did settlers find for ships?
fishing and trade
What does a blacksmith do?
makes iron nuts, bolts and braces
What does a sailmaker do?
sews miles of sails
What does a carpenter do?
cuts and shapes wooden boats
What does a rigger do?
climbs high to set the sails on boats
What does a master shipbuilder do?
carve the wooden model of a hull and the ships body
what are the 11 NE region states?
NY, Penn, CT, Mass, Vermont, Maine, NJ, NH, Maryland, Delaware and RI
What is a river valley?
The land through which a river passes.
What colonies were best for farming?
Penn, NJ and NY
What were the German farmers in Penn. called?
Pennsylvania Dutch
Describe the Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.
neat and clean farmers