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two main characteristics of Jainism
ahimsa and asceticism
non-violence, not deserving harm
self denial...vegetarianism, avoidance of eating meat, and any other food thought to contain life (fruit with lots of seeds). Not allowed to build fire or dig in the ground, as these may injure any other life form.
Jainism derived from the word JINA. what doesjina mean?
those who have conquered samsara...the spiritual conquerors of the past who have attained salvation
two tirthankaras who have special notoriety
Parshva and Mahavira
what does Mahavira mean?
great hero
Mahavira had much in common with Buddist Gautama
Jain enlightment
"free from negative or damaging effects of karma, a release form earthly bondage of samsara"
eternal universe, never created never ending
the ideal method of dying according to the Jains
loka is inhabited by....
jivas (souls) and ajivas(non living) which consist of space, time, motion, rest and all forms of matter
nonliving components of the Jain universe: space, time, motion, rest, and all forms of matter
those who garment is the sky, the second largest Jain sect, whose monks go about named so as to help abolish any ties to society...more conservative
Five Great Vows (monks and nuns)
the vows that are binding for Jain ascetics: do not injure the life forms; avoid lying; do not take what has not been given; renounce sexual activity; and renounce possession
the moral law of cause and effect of actions determines the nature of one's reincarnation; for Jainism, purely materialistic, such that all actions involve various forms of matter.
karma is crucial to the destiny of the soul
kevala is spiritual purification and is no longer subject to the damaging effects of karma
those whose garment is white...the largest Jain sect, whose monks and nuns wear white robes, more liberal than the Digambaras
12 vows for lay people
1. do not intentionally injure a sentient life form
2. avoid lying
3. do not take what has not been given
4. avoid unchaste behavior
5. avoid greed
6. avoid excessive travel
7. avoid excessive indulgence
8. avoid harmful behavior
9. restrict certain activities to a certain place
10. meditation
11. fasting
12. give to charitable causes
where did Jainism originate?
Jainism regards rivers symbolic of the spiritual quest
what does river crossing signify?
symbolizes a means of traversing the realm of samsara(wheel of rebirth) to salvation.
who were the last to attain salvation?
Mahavira and his eleven disciples were the last humans to attain salvation
which is pure: jiva or ajiva?
when is salvation attained?
when the soul cleans all matter from itself and regains its original state of purity then it is free to bubble upward to its eternal home
immoral acts are tarnished by?
difference between Guatama and Maharvira
Guatama rejected the ascetic life for the Middle Way and Mahavira took hold of it.
Mahavira talked about the universe