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How many copies would the Penny Press print in an hour?

4,000 copies

When was the first wireless signal sent?


When did powerful networks emerge?


How did yellow journalists increase readership?


When did the inverted pyramid debut?

Civil War

Nelly Bly

stunt reporter


NY Journal

Competed with Pulitzer


NY World

Yellow Journalist


Criticized the governor of NY and went to prison.

First time journalist won a lawsuit for seditious libel.

Publik Occurences

1st newspaper published in 1690 by Harris

The Partisan Press


The Boston News Letter

1st continuous newspaper published in 1704

The NY Herald

1st modern newspaper (1805)



Publication of a false statement of fact that seriously harms someones reputation



Spoken false statement of fact that seriously harms someones reputation

Defense for libel:


Tinker vs. Des Moines

US court recognizes that the 1st amendment protects on campus student speech in PRIVATE SCHOOLS

Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier

US court reduces level of 1st amendment protection to most school sponsored student media at PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Morse vs. Frederick

Bong Hits for Jesus- 1st amendment protection provided to most schools sponsered student media of PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS

Freedom of Information Laws

ensuring your right of access to public records and meetings

Public Figure

term applied in the context of defamation actions (libel or slander)


a lie


Investigative socially conscious reporting journalist who expose harsh conditions

Shield Laws

protects reporters privilege (refusal to testify as info or sources of info)


showing no bias


morals, knowing what's right and wrong

Yellow Journalism

Loud headlines on questionable behavior

Public Official

anyone who is elected into office


anyone who is unknown

Conflict of Interest

when someone is balancing multiple interests that could corrupt organization

Copy Editor

improves formatting, style, and accuracy of news stories

On the record

when something is noted when making a public statement

Citizen Journalism

citizens give information or facts to help write the story

Primary Source

someone who witnessed an event firsthand

Confidential Source

protection of sources

Off the Record

not recorded in court cases or a statement


numbers quotes & commas

quotes are a paragraph by themselves

spell out numbers 1-9

drop oxford comma

abbreviate street address numbers

film, book, and song titles in quotes

Copyright Fair Use Guidlines

Copyright length

70 years after death of author or artist

Stephen Glass

Journalist for New Republic caught fabricating stories