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What is a bevel?
A slanted edge on opening of a needle or canula device.
What is the Dermis?
The corium layer of the skin composed of connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, lymphatics, hair follicles, and sebaceous and sudoriferous glands.
What layer of the skin reacts to painful stimuli?
What is the epidermis?
The outermost layer of skin covering the body which is composed of epithelial cells and is devoid of blood vessels.
What is a macrodrip?
Drop factor of 10-20 drops, equivalent to 1ml based on manufacturer.
What is a microdrip?
Drop factor of 60 drops per ml
What is the tunica adventitia?
The outermost layer of the vein.
What is the tunica media?
The middle layer of the vein
What is the tunica intima?
The innermost layer of the vein.
What are the five steps of precannulation, in order?
1. Check physicians order
2. Hand Hygiene
3. equipment preparation
4. patient assessment and psychological preparation
5. Site Selection and vein dilation
What are 18-20 gauge needles used for?
Infusion of hypertonic or isotonic solutions with additives.

Blood administration
What are 22-24 gauge needles used for?
Pediatric Patients
What are the three methods for stabalizing the catheter?
The U method
The H method
The chevron method
What do you include on the label of an IV?
Date and Time
Type and length of catheter
Nurses initials
What is a 22 gauge needle used for?
For fragile veins and elderly persons if unable to place a 30 gauge catheter.
When observing a patients IV site, what observations should you document?
Temperature at and around the site
Actions taken by the nurse
What is a controversal anesthetic used commonly in IV therapy?
What is the purpose of Phlebotomy?
1. Diagnostic testing
2. Therapeutic assessments
3. monitoring of a patiens health status
What is diagnostic testing?
Used to contribute to the clients dianoses.
What are therapeutic assessments?
They are used to develop the appropriate therapy or treatment of the medical condition.
Why do we monitor a patients health status?
To make sure the therapy or treatment is working to alleviate the medical condition.
What are cues that can help in accessing, identifying, approaching the patient?
How often do you change an IV site?
every 72 hours
What is the most commonly used intravenous device for blood collection?
Winged or butterfly needle
In regards to pediatrics, what is used instead of a butterfly?
Where is the best location to get blood?
When obtaining numerous lab culters, what lab culture, if ordered, should always be done first?
Blood cultures