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What method is used to assign a unique numerical identifier to an individual network interface on a network segment to make every such interface uniquely identifiable?
What is the uppermost layer of the ISO/OSI network reference model, where the interface between the protocol suite and actual applications resides?
Application Layer
What is the name of the experimental network designed to test the feasibility of a platform-neutral, long-distance, robust, and reliable internetwork that provided the foundation for what we know today as the Internet?
A specific type of network transmission that is meant to be noticed and read by all recipients on any cable segment is:
What acronym represents the place where Tim Berners-Lee invented the protocols and services that defined the World Wide Web between 1989 and 1991?
The basic protocol data unit at the TCP/IP Network Access layer is:
What term is used to refer to the port address for an incoming TCP/IP communication that identifies the target application or service process involved?
Destination Port Numer
What type of filter is applied to packets that reside in the trace buffer for the purpose of viewing only the packets of interest?
Display Filter
A temporary TCP or UDP port number allocated to permit a client and server to exchange data with each other only as long as their connection remains active is known as a(n) ____.
Dynamically Assigned Port Address
The basic PDU at the Data Link layer of the ISO/OSI reference model is known as which of the following?
Frames or Data Frames
What organization sets standards for all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, including network interfaces and communications technologies?
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
What organization governs the actions of both the IETF and IRTF; and has final approval authority for Internet Standards?
Internet Architecture Board
What organization within the Internet Society is responsible for proper assignment of all domain names and numeric IP addresses for the global Internet?
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
What is a TCP/IP-based messaging protocol that allows users to maintain customized message stores on an e-mail server?
Internet Message Access Protocol
What is the forward-looking research and development arm of the Internet Society?
Internet Research Task Force
What is the parent organization under which the rest of the Internet governing bodies fall?
Internet Society
The biggest single chunk of data that can be transferred across any particular type of network medium is known as which of the following?
Maximum Transmission Unit
What network address is handled by a sublayer of the Data Link layer that is normally preassigned on a per-interface basis to uniquely identify each such interface on any network cable segment?
Media Access Control (MAC) address
The management of data transmission rates between two devices across a local network medium that guarantees the receiver can accept and process input before it arrives from the sender is known as which of the following?
Media Flow Control
The arm of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where supercomputer research is undertaken and where the first graphical Web browser, Mosaic, was developed is called:
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
A public network operated by the National Science Foundation in the 1980s to support the Internet backbone was:
What is a generic term for the PDU at just about any layer in the networking model?
The TCP/IP Internet layer protocol that’s used to determine the reachability of a remote host and to measure round-trip travel time when sending data from a sender to a receiver is called:
Packet Internetwork Groper
Analogous layers in the protocol stacks on a sender and a receiver are called:
Peer Layer
The Layer 2 or TCP/IP network Interface layer protocol that permits a client and a server to establish a communications link that can accommodate a variety of higher-layer protocols is called:
Point-To-Point Protocol
The type of network communication where pairs of devices establish the communication link to exchange data with one another is:
Point-to-Point Transmission
The ____ layer of the OSI model is where generic network data formats are translated into platform-specific data formats for incoming data and vice versa for outgoing data?
A synonym for the TCP/IP Application layer, where high-level protocols and services, such as FTP and Telnet, operate is:
Process Layer
A(n) ____ represents a package for data at that layer, including a header and a payload, and in some cases, a trailer.
Protocol Data Unit
An IETF standard document that specifies or describes best practices, provides information about the Internet, or specifies an Internet protocol or service is called:
Request for Comments
An RFC that has reached standard designation, but that is no longer current, and has been replaced by a newer RFC is called:
Retired Standard
The process whereby a packet makes its way from a sender to a receiver based on known path from the sending network to the receiving network is known as ____.
An IP-only serial line protocol still used to access some UNIX systems is called:
Serial Line Internet Protocol
Which layer of the OSI model handles setup, maintenance, and tear-down of ongoing exchanges of messages between pairs of hosts on a network?
Session Layer
A TCP/IP Application layer protocol that provides basic network device registration and management capabilities is:
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Short- or long-term historical information regarding network communications and performance is known as which of the following?
A TCP/IP Application layer protocol and service that permits a client on one network host to interact with another network host as if the machine were a terminal attached to the other machine is:
An area of memory on the hard disk space set aside for the storage of packets captured off the network by a protocol analyzer is called:
Trace Buffer
A packet sent to a single device on the network is known as a(n) ____.
Unicast Packet
A network connection between a specific sender and receiver in which the information sent is often encrypted is known as which of the following?
Virtual Private Network
A 16-bit number that identifies a pre-assigned value associated with some well-known Internet protocol or service is known as which of the following?
Well-Known Port Number
A synonym for a recognizable TCP/IP protocol or service is:
Well-Known Service
Which layer of the OSI model handles the delivery of data from sender to receiver?
Transport Layer
Packets pointed to a(n) ____ are delivered to the holder of that address nearest to the sender in terms of routing distance.
Anycast Address
A special purpose form of integrated circuit is called:
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
A network or subnet address that contains all-ones is called:
Broadcast Address
A form of subnet masking that does away with placing network and host address portions precisely on octet boundaries, but instead uses the /n prefix notation is called:
Classless Inter-Domain Routing
A symbolic name used for a TCP/IP network resource is called:
Domain Name
A TCP/IP Application layer protocol and service that manages the Internet-wide distributed database of symbolic domain names and numeric IP addresses is called:
Domain Name Service
The name of the format used to denote numeric IP addresses is:
Dotted Decimal System
A network connection in which the original sending and receiving IP addresses may not be altered, and where communications connections extend all the way from sender to receiver while that connection remains active is called:
End-to-End Connection
A network boundary device that sits between the public and private sides of a network, and provides a variety of screening and inspection services is called:
A(n) _____ is a single transfer of data from one network to another, through some kind of network device.
The rightmost bits in an IP address allocated to identify hosts on a supernetwork, network, or subnetwork are called:
Host Portion
What acronym refers to the arm of the ISOC originally responsible for registering domain names and allocating public IP addresses?
Internet Assigned Numbers Athority
An organization that provides Internet access to individuals or organizations as a primary line of business is called:
Internet Service Provider
What is TCP/IP terminology for a router that provides access to resources outside the local subnet network address?
IP Gateway
A type of networking device that combines hubs, router, and network management functions within a single box is called:
Layer-3 Switch
An address that points directly back to the sender is known as a(n) ____.
A sublayer of the Data Link layer is:
Media Access Control (MAC) Layer
A(n) ____ is one of a block of addresses reserved for use in sending the same message to multiple interfaces or nodes.
Multicast Address
A(n) ____ is the portion of an IP address that consists of the network prefix for that address.
Network Address
A special type of networking software that manages network connections on behalf of multiple clients on an internal network and translates the source address for all outbound traffic from the original source to the address of the outbound network interface is called:
Network Address Translation
The ____ refers to the leftmost octets or bits in a numeric IP address.
Network Portion
What is the TCP/IP terminology for an 8-bit number?
The unique identifier assigned by IANA or ICANN that is used as the first three bytes of a NIC’s MAC layer address to identify its maker or manufacturer is called:
Organizationally Unique Identifier
Any of a series of Class A, B, and C IP addresses reserved by IANA are known as:
Private IP Address
A special type of network boundary service that interposes itself between internal network addresses and external network addresses is known as a(n) ____.
Proxy Server
A(n) ____ refers to any TCP/IP address allocated for the exclusive use of some particular organization.
Public IP Address
A specific level of service guarantee associated with Application layer protocols in which time-sensitivity requirements for data require that delays be controlled within definite guidelines to deliver viewable or audible data streams is called:
Quality of Service
The technique whereby a proxy server presents an internal network resource as if it were present on the proxy server itself so that external clients can access internal network resources without seeing internal network IP address structures is known as ____.
Reverse Proxying
A form of IP address analysis that permits routers to indicate general interest in a particular network prefix that represents the “common portion” of a series of IP network addresses is known as ____.
Route Aggregation
A(n) ____ is a special bit pattern that masks off the network portion of an IP address with all 1s.
Subnet Mask
. ____ refers to the operation of using bits borrowed from the host portion of an IP address to extend and subdivide the address space that falls beneath the network portion of a range of IP addresses.
A form of specialized IP network address that identifies the “common portion” of a series of IP network addresses used when route aggregation is in effect is known as:
Summary Address
The technique of stealing bits from the network portion of an IP address and lending those bits to the host part, creating a larger address space for host addresses is known as which of the following?
A human-readable name for an Internet resource, such as www.course.com is:
Symbolic Name
A subnetting scheme for IP addresses that permits containers of various sizes to be defined for a network prefix is called:
Variable-Length subnet masking
A temporary table in memory that consists of recent ARP entries is called:
ARP Cache
A variable-speed, long-haul broadband networking technology that supports extreme bandwidth in its fastest versions is called:
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
An inter-domain routing protocol that replaced the Exterior Gateway Protocol is:
Border Gateway Protocol
____ does away with source and destination address information as data is translated across a link.
Compressed SLIP
A technique whereby higher-level protocol data is enclosed within the payload of a lower-layer protocol unit and labeled with a header so that the protocol data unit may be safely transmitted from a sender to a receiver is called:
Data Encapsulation
The address of a local machine based on the hardware address is known as the:
Data Link Address
The ____ is also referred to as the MAC address.
Data Link Address
The name given to the router through which a machine attached to a local network must pass outbound traffic to reach beyond the local network is:
Default Gateway
A special bit-stream or character that marks some boundary in a PDU - be it at the beginning or end of a PDU, or at the boundary between the header and the payload – is called:
A workstation that does NOT contain a hard drive or floppy disk drive from which to boot or read host configuration information is known as:
Diskless Workstation
A group of DSCP traffic types that are organized based on the likelihood that this traffic type may be dropped by a router during highly congested times on the network when higher-priority traffic requires handling are known as:
Drop Probability Classification
An IP host must perform a(n) ____ task upon bootup to ensure that the address is NOT already assigned to another IP host.
Duplicate IP Address
The de facto standard frame type for TCP/IP communications is:
Ethernet II Frame Type
In terms of IP networking, a(n) ____ is a piece of a larger set of data that must be divided to cross a network that supports a smaller MTU than the original packet size.
The field that defines where a fragment should be placed when the entire data set is reassembled is known as:
Fragment Offset Field
The process of retransmitting the original unfragmented packet due to transmission error, or fragment packet loss is known as:
Fragment Retransmission Process
Name two synchronous communication protocols.
Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC)
High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)
A route table entry that matches all four bytes of the desired destination is called:
Host Route Entry
The IEEE-defined standard for a carrier sense, multiple access method with collision detection is:
IEEE 802.3
The IEEE-defined standard for the token-passing ring Media Access Control method is:
IEEE 802.5
A(n) ____ is the transmission path used by token ring networks, where packets are repeated back onto a ring and passed in a methodical sequential order from one ring station to the next.
Logical Ring Transmission Path
A(n) ____ is a sub-optimal condition on an internetwork that results in a packet crossing a network segment more than once.
Looped Internetwork
The process of obtaining an IP address based on a symbolic name is known as:
Name Resolution Process
. The local router that is used to route a packet to a future network along a particular path is called:
Next-Hop Router
What designs refers to the physical layer topology of a token ring network, where all devices on the network are connected via cable back to a central device?
Physical Star Design
The initial sequence of values that precedes all Ethernet packets is:
The process of replying to ARP requests for IP hosts on another network is known as ____.
Proxy ARP
The process that a host undergoes to determine whether a desired destination is local or remote, and, if remote, which next-hop router to use is:
Route Resolution Process
A router buffering system used to hold packets when the router is congested is known as a(n) ____.
Router Queues
digital signaling link whose name stands for trunk level 1 is:
A digital signaling link, whose name standard for trunk level 3 is:
An indication of the remaining distance that a packet can travel is called:
Time to Live
A special sequence of fields that indicates a token ring device has the right to transmit a frame of data onto the network media is called:
Name a token-passing ring Media Access Control protocol.
Token Ring
The format of the 802.2 LLC packet that is connectionless is known as a(n) ____.
Unnumbered Format
A Windows-based utility used to identify the local host’s data link address and IP address is: