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ITLS Patient Assessment
1) ITLS Primary Survey
2) ITLS Secondary Survey
3) ITLS Ongoing Exam
ITLS Primary Survey
1) Perform a scene size-up
2) Perform initial assessment
3) Perform a rapid trauma survey or focused exam
4) Make critical interventions and transport decision
5) Contact medical direction
Scene Size-up
1) Standard precautions
2) Scene safety
3) Initial triage (# of patients)
4) Need for more help or equipment
5) Mechanism of injury
Initial Assessment
1) General impression of the patient
2) Level of consciousness
3) Airway
4) Breathing
5) Circulation
Rapid Trauma Survey
1) Head and neck
2) Chest
3) Abdomen
4) Pelvis
5) Extremities
6) Posterior
7) Vital Signs
8) Pupils
9) GCS
ITLS Secondary Survey
1) Repeat initial assessment
2) Repeat vital signs and consider monitors
3) Perform a neurological exam
4) Perform a detailed (head-to-toe) exam
ITLS Ongoing Exam
1) Repeat initial assessment
2) Repeat vital signs and check monitors
3) Reassess the abdomen
4) Check injuries and interventions