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Describe an Service Architecture.
Translates applications, infrastructure, organization and support activities into a set of services.
Describe an Application Archtecture
A blueprint for the development and deployment of application, maps requirements to applications and shows inter-relationships between applications.
Describe an IT Infrastructure Architecture.
Describes the structure, functionality and geography of underpinning hardware, software and communication components.
Describe an Enviornmental Architecture.
Describes all aspects, types and levels od enviornmental controls and thier management.
What does an Enterprise Architecture compose of?
Business/Organization Architecture
IT/Enterprise Architecture
Service Architecture
Application Architecture
Data/Information Architecture
Enviornmental Architecture
IT Infrastructure Architecture
Management Architecture
Product Architecture
Name the warranty processes.
1. Availability Management
2. Capacity Management
3. Information Security Management
4. IT Service Contunity Management
What are the design cordination activies for the overall lifecycle stage?
1. Define and maintain policies and methds.
2. Plan design resources and capabilities
3. Cordinate design activities
4. Manage design risks and issues.
5. Improve service design
For each design, what are the key activities of the Design Cordination?
1. Plan individual designs
2. Cordinate individual designs
3. Monitor individual designs
4. Review designs and ensure handover of Service Design Package
The ________________________ relates customer services to business units and processses.
Business/Customer Service Catalog
The ________________________ relates customer services to supporting and shared services and components.
Technical/Supporting services catalog