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What are the key words for Change Management?
Known state to known state
What is the mission statement?
To ensure that all changes are evaluated for risk, with minimal impact on service availability and quality.
What is the document used to control the change process?
Request for Change
What is the output to the change control process?
Forward Schedule of Change
Identify the advisory groups for Change Management.
Change Advisory Board
Change Advisory Board/Emergency Committee
In the event of an urgent change, what might be reduced?
In the event of an urgent change the CAB Emergency Committee is consulted instead of the full CAB, and testing can be reduced
What are example categories for Change?
Minor, Significant, Major
What are some of the benefits of Change Management?
• Tracks changes and assesses their impact, costs, benefits, and risks.
• Increases visibility of IT to the business.
• Improves operating costs by effectively planning and scheduling workloads.
• Reduces incidents through fewer failures.