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What is your pattern?

How Many Moves?


28 Moves

Whatis the Ready Position for


Closed Ready Stance “A”

What is the meaning of


WON-HYO was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year of 686 A.D.

Describe “sine-wave”

A natural up & down body motion created through the use of “knee-spring”

Explain “opposite motion”

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every force exerted in one direction has an equal and opposite force exerted in the opposite direction. A punch with the right fist can be aided bypulling back the left fist to the hip.

What is the Korean word for Kick, Front Kick, and Front Stretch Kick?

Kick: Chagi

Front Kick: Ap Chagi

Front Stretch Kick: ApCha Olligi

What is the Korean word for Side Kick, Side Stretch Kick, and Turning Kick?

Side Kick: Ye Ap Chagi

Side Stretch Kick: YeAp Cha Olligi

Turning Kick: Dollyo Chagi

List the vital attack spots on the body.

Temple, Sternum, Groin, Bridge of Nose, Solar Plexus, Knee, Philtrum, Elbow, Shin, Jaw, Floating Ribs, Instep, Point of Chin, Small of Back, Throat, Kidney, Clavicle, Lower Abdomen