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Congress of Vienna 1815
The Congress that was established in 1815 to address the balance of power and a lasting peace in Europe
Island in the Mediterranean that decides to lead the efforts to unify Italy
Who controlled Italy before unification?
Before unification Italy is controlled by Austria, Pope, and Spain
Count Camille Cavour
Intellectual Sardinian diplomat that leads the effort to unify Italy
In return for driving the Austrians out of Northern Italy Cavour and Napoleon III agree to the following:
Napoleon will get the provinces of Nice and Savoy
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Leader of the "Red Shirts" that drove the Spanish out of southern Italy using terrorist tactics
Victor Emmanuel II
The King of the new unified Italy
Otto Von Bismarck
Smart, pragmatic, practical leader that was the mastermind of German unification
7 Weeks War
War fought between Prussia and Austria for control of the German states
“Blood & Iron”
Bismark's reliance of the Army and Industry to fight his wars
By whatever means necessary
Franco Prussian War
-War fought between France and Prussia for control of Alcase Lorrain
-Prussia wins and claims Alcase Lorrain
-France develops a national hatred for the newly established Germany
Wilhelm I
Named the new king or “Kaiser” of the newly established Germany