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What does PERT stand for?
Performance Evaluation and Review Technique
What type of project is PERT best for?
research-oriented projects
What is lead?
the amount of time that proceeds the start of work on a task
What acronym describes the characteristics of effective project goals?
SMART: Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Timeframe established
What is a critical task?
a task whose delay would delay the entire project
What major drawback do Gantt charts have?
do not show dependencies very well
What is 'slack time'?
the amount of time a task can slip without delaying the entire project
What does the acronym DRIVER stand for?
Develop individuals and teams; Reinforce commitment and excitement; Inform everyone involved; Vitalize people by building agreements; Empower yourself and others; Risk a creative approach
What are the two most common forms of networking systems?
What type of project is CPM best for?
construction-type projects
Is scope usually stable over the course of a project?
no, it usually increases
What is a Gantt chart?
a graphical representation of work on a timeline
What is a network diagram best for?
What is the primary difference between CPM and PERT?
How they estimate scheduling
What three methods can be used to shorten a schedule?
reduce the duration of tasks; reduce scope; start tasks earlier
Should resources needed or tasks be listed first?
What does CPM stand for?
Critical Path Method
What seven resources are needed to complete a project?
people, money, equipment, facilities, materials and supplies, information, and technology
What should usually be created before a network diagram?
a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
What tasks are better suited for a WBS than a network diagram?
managing budgets and personnel assignments
When planning a project, what resource should be considered first?
What is a critical path?
the sequence of tasks that ends on the latest date
What is the task that comes after the precedent called?
the dependent
What is lag?
the amount of time after one task is started or finished before another can be started or finished
What is the most effective way of shortening a schedule?
reduce scope
How does PERT handle scheduling?
With three estimates: best case, worst case, and most likely
How much slack time does a critical task have?
Should the schedule or budget be determined first?
the schedule
What were used for diagramming before PERT and CPM were developed?
Gantt and other bar charts