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What are the 4 elements of the indirect plan?

1) Attention

2) Interest

3) Desire

4) Action


1)capture the receiver's attention int he opening sentence

2) compel the receiver to read or to listen to the entire message

3) be positive and brief


1)Build on the attention gained in the opening

2) present the benefits to the receiver

3) motivate the receiver to continue reading


1)Build ont he receiver's attention and interest by providing proof of benefits

2) emphasize benefits to the receiver

3) downplay any negative point or obstacles


1) Motivate the receiver to take immediate action

2) Be positive

3) Make action easy

What is the distinction between interest and desire?

desire provides proof of benefits

If a request is simple or routine what type or approach do you use?


If a request is persuasive or complex what type of approach d you use?


Formal report

may contain a title page, authorization message, transmittal message, table of contents, list of illustrations,abstract, body, glossary, appendix, and bibliography or reference list

persuasive message

a specific request for action when you believe the receiver may be unaware, disinterested or unwilling

What is the best closing for a persuasive request?

want specifics on a call to action

Standardizing the format of a technical report makes it easy for readers to do what?

scan reports for information of particular interest to them

The introduction of a report helps the reader how or in what ways?

it provides adequate background concerning the study so that the reader can understand the scope and sequence of the report

The executive summary of a report emphasizes what?

findings, conclusions and recommendations

What are the three types of reports?

1) Periodic

2) Progress

3) Technical

Progress Report

informs readers of the status of a project

Periodic Report

provides managers with updated information at regular intervals

Technical Reports

conveys specialized information

Closed-ended Question

requires little time investment and is designed to produce a one or two word answer; this type of question works best for fact finding

Meetings Minutes

are an official report of the proceedings of a meeting

What are the 3 most common communication styles?

1) Passive

2) Aggressive

3) Assertive


you give priority to the right of others; results in allowing others to make choices for you, rejecting the validity of your own feelings, and withdrawing from the situtation


opposite of passive; disregards everyone else's rights or feelings; often hostile, intimidating, blaming, demanding, and rude


very productive because the goal is to meet the needs of all parties to the highest degree possible; respect the rights and feelings of others while standing up for their own rights; they effectively listen and negotiate so others choose to communicate openly and cooperate willingly

What are the keys for successful phone conversation?

1) Use the telephone equipment and system properly

2) Be businesslike

3) Be considerate

What are the key elements in building and maintaining relationships?

trust and respect

What are the five stages and order of the business conversation sequence?

1) Greeting

2) Introduction

3) Exchange

4) Summary

5) Closing


can be verbal or nonverbal; should match the tone of your message


remarks should be brief yet informative; can be direct or indirect; defines the topic, provides a buffer to negative news and serves as a smooth transition between the greeting and the exchange


business is transacted during this stage; conducted in a give take format


recaps the exchange and leads to the close; serves as a bridge


cordial conclusion to the conversation

What are the steps to team writing process?

1) Plan

2) Draft

3) Finalize

What is the difference between hearing and listening?

listening involves understanding and retaining what is heard; hearing is a physiological process, deals with sound waves; listening is a mental process (cognitive)

Listening Barrier

is anything that interferes with the listening process.

What is a mental distraction?

a type of listening barrier

What are the 5 elements and sequence of the listening process?

1) Hearing

2) Filtering

3) Interpreting

4) Responding

5) Remembering


a physiological process


the elimination of unwanted stimuli


the listener's mind assigns meaning to the stilmuli


a form of feedback that lets the sender know the message was received and understood.


involves recalling at a later time the information that was interpreted and responded to earlier

Does physical appearance and non verbal communication convey a message?

Yes, it influences the opinions of others

What is the note taking process that most enhances listening effectiveness?

recording key words and ideas in an outline

Small group meeting participant spends most of his/her time engaged in what?


What are the benefits and what results from effective listening?

It helps build relationships, solve problems, ensure understanding, resolve conflict, and improve accuracy; once of the best ways to acquire information, hear feedback from others, show respect, and develop better attitudes.