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What is irrigation?

The application of water at a predetermined rate over a prescribed area of land for the purpose of sustaining the water requirements of turf, vegetation or trees.


Polyvinyl chloride


Inside diameter


Outside diameter


Standard dimensional ratios




Iron pipe size


Nominal pipe size


Male iron pipe thread


Female iron pipe thread


Pounds per square inch


Gallons per minute

How much does 1 gallon of water weigh?

8.34 pounds


Wall thickness, OD-ID=WT

Absorption rate

Infiltration rate of water into soil

Precipitation rate

PR (in/hr) = 96.3*Total GPM ÷ total area

Maximum velocity of water allowed in PVC pipe?

5 fps (feet/second)

Maximum velocity of water allowed through copper pipe?

9 fps (feet/second)

Design pressure?

The pressure required to operate the irrigation system, not actual pressure.

A _________ primer must be used in all new irrigation systems installed using PVC pipe and fittings.


The Irrigator Advisory Council is composed of _____ members that are appointed by the commission.


How many of the members of the Irrigators Advisory Council must be licensed irrigators?


How many of the members of the Irrigators Advisory Council must be representatives of the public?


A ___________ of the council constitutes a quorum for conducting business.


Electric automatic valves are normally ____________.


Hydraulic automatic valves are normally ___________.


What type of pipe is most commonly used to connect the city main to the water meter?

Type K copper

Is PE pipe flexible or rigid?


Is PVC pipe weaker or stronger than PE?


Slope formula

%Slope = Rise/Fall*100 ÷ Run

What is the loss of pressure for every foot of elevation change?

.433 PSI

What is water hammer?

A standard plumbing term used to describe the surge of pressure in all types of plumbing systems.

T or F: System design begins with the selection of products for the application of moisture.


T or F: Operating pressure that is above or below the desirable range for a spray head is a direct result of poor system design.


T or F: Head spacing is dependent upon nozzle size, spacing pattern, wind velocity and distribution profile.


T or F: Each manufacturer provides nozzle performance tables indicating diameter of coverage.

False, radius not diameter is provided

T or F: Three types of rotary popups are ball drive, great drive and popper.

False, impact not popper

What is a cross connection?

A direct arrangement of piping which allows the potable water supply line to be connected to a line which contains non-potable water (a contaminant).

The undesirable reversal of the flow of water or mixtures of water and other undesirable substances from any source into the potable water system is known as what?


_______ occurs when the user system is at a higher pressure than the supply water systems allowing undesirable substances to be "pushed" back into the potable water system.


__________ occurs when negative or reduced pressure exists in the supply piping allowing undesirable substances to be "drawn" into the potable water supply.


What is the most famous cross connection case?

The Holy Cross Football Team Hepatitis Incident

The degree of ________ is based on the fluid or other substance that may backflow into the supply piping system.


A non-health (non-toxic) hazard cross connection is any point on a water supply system where a _____________ substance may come in contact with potable water aesthetically affecting the taste, issue or appearance of the water.


A health hazard (toxic) cross connection is any point on a water supply system where a __________ substance may come in contact with potable water crating an actual health hazard, causing sickness or death.


AVB (atmospheric vacuum breaker)

Install vertically 6" above highest outlet. No constant pressure (no valves upstream)

PVB (pressure vacuum breaker)

Install vertically 12" above highest outlet. 2 test cocks, 2 flow controls.

DCA (double check assembly)

Install vertically or horizontally, can be below grade, 4 test cocks, 2 flow controls

RP (reduced pressure assembly)

Install horizontally 12" above grade, 4 test cocks, 2 flow controls, recommended when using fertilizer injector

What is the most common cross connection?

Garden hose

What is continuous pressure?

Periods over 12 hours at a time

What are the five basic products used for protection of cross connections?

Air gap, AVB, PVB, DCA, RP

What is the benefit of a strainer preceding a backflow preventer?

Protect the check valves of a backflow preventer from fouling due to foreign matter and debris which may be flowing through the line

A zone or system in which all heads have similar precipitation rates is said to have __________ precipitation rates.


To achieve matched precipitation rates in each zone, you must determine what four things?

Radius of coverage, flow rate or GPM, heads pacing and row spacing, arcs of coverage

As the spray arc doubles so should the ______.


In a square pattern the row spacing equals the __________ __________.

Head spacing

On a triangular pattern the row spacing equals head spacing x _______.


Single head method, square pattern

PR = GPM of full circle head X 96.25 ÷ head spacing X row spacing

Single head method, triangular pattern

PR = GPM of full circle head X 96.25 ÷ head spacing X (head spacing X .866 = row spacing)

Total area method

PR = total gallons (GPM) X 96.25 ÷ total area (sq ft)

Catch can method

PR = avg. inches/hr, add and divide cups multiply by parts of an hour

Drip precipitation rate

231.1 X dripper flow rate (GPH) ÷ dripper spacing X dripline spacing

T or F: An anti-siphon vacuum breaker will protect against a backpressure backflow condition.


In a properly installed air gap the vertical distance between the supply pipe and the flood level rim should be _____ times the diameter of the supply pipe, but never less than ______ inch.

2, 1

T or F: row and head spacing are the same.


T or F: "fill-in" heads should always be at the same spacing as the rest of the heads.


T or F: when placing heads, it is not necessary to consider trees and other obstacles in the area to be watered.


One acre foot of water is equal to how many gallons?


How many square feet are in am acre?


If pipe size increases, velocity will ________________.


A gallon of water contains how many cubic inches?


Run time formula:

RT = R X 60 min ÷ precip rate X DW

R = plant requirement, DW = days/week to water

T or F: shrub heads should never be placed more than 4 get above the finish grade.