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In terms of governmental body, what do the roots of the Tree of Peace in The Iroquois Constitution symbolize to the Iroquois confederacy?
Strength and Unity
According to the author of The Iroquois Constitution, what is the mission of the Five Nations?
To include anyone who agrees to the Constitution
To what other political organizations could you compare the Iroquois confederation and the Five Nations?
The federal government and the states
With which American institution could you compare the council of the Five Nations?
The Congress
In The Iroquois Constitution, what is the task of the eagle that sits at the top of the Tree of Long Leaves?
To warn people of danger
Who is meant to see the smoke of the confederacy council fire as it ascends to the sky?
Iroquois allies
Why do the lords of the Five Nations give thanks to the earth before they begin deliberations?
Out of respect
According to the author of The Iroquois Constitution, how do the Iroquois refer to their god?
The great creator
Read the following passage from The Iroquois Constitution and determine what a leader should NOT do: "It shall be a serious wrong for anyone to lead a lord into trivial affairs, for the people must ever hold their lords high in estimation out of respect to their honorable positions."
To engage in unimportant activities
What does a candidate for lordship in the confederacy pledge when he give four strings of shells?
He pledges his loyalty to the Constitution.
In The Iroquois Constitution, what is suggested to a lord when he is told the following? "The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans-which is to say that you will be proof against anger, offensive actions, and criticism."
You will not be easily hurt by criticism or anger
According to The Iroquois Constitution, what does its author think about the value of anger?
It is a self-destructive characteristic
According to the author of The Iroquois Constitution, what is the most important goal of a confederate lord?
To act for the welfare of all the people
In the U.S. government, who is comparable with the Five Lords of the Iroquois Constitution?
Individual state representatives
Why do the lords of the Five Nations gather at the Tree of the Great Peace?
To make agreements that apply to all
Based on the selection, which element of society is of great importance to the author?
What do the four roots of the Tree of Great Peace symbolize?
The regions of the confederacy
What do the confederacy lords do before they discuss matters at their council?
Express gratitude to one another

What were the five tribes of the Iroquois mentioned in the constitution?

Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk

Who was the mastermind of the Iroquois Constitution according to legend?


What was Hiawatha's role regarding the constitution?

He was the speaker/orator