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Formula for HDI

HDI= (1/2)(2C+2+N-H-X)

All Ranges of the IR Spectrum (Study it and oist them)

Bonds present from 2700 - 3500 from right to left.

N-H, O-H, and C-H (Hydrogen bonds)

Bonds present from 2100 - 2300 from right to left.

Triple bonded C-C and C-N

Bonds present from around 1600 - 1800 from right to left.

C=O, C=N, C=C

"Fingerprint Region"

600 - 1400

Bonds present in fingerprint region.

C-C, C-O, C-N

sp3 C-H stretches appear at...

Just under 3000

sp2 C-H stretches appear at...


Aldehydes have...

Two sharp peaks at 2700 and 2800

Alcohols have...

Strong, broad O-H stretch at 3300

Memorize Stuff

Types of Bonds at....
2700 - 4000 :
2000 - 2700:

1500 - 2000:
400 - 1500:

Bonds to H
Triple Bonds
Double Bonds
Single Bonds