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What material normally forms the covering of Foraminifera?
calcium carbonate
What phylum is the Chaos in?
What is the role of the metacercaria in trematodes?
They allow trematodes to remain stagnant in intermediate hosts until they have been comsumed by the primary host.
What material normally forms the covering of Radiozoa?
List the order of malarial stages, starting with gemetocytes
Gametocytes, ookinetes, sporozoite, merozoites
In Porifera, what is the difference between and osculum and an ostium?
Osculum is the main hole in which water exits. Ostia are the small pores where water enters.
What are gemmules, and where are they found? (which Phylum?)
Gemmules are asexually produced resistant buds (the dormant structure) of Porifera
Name the three classes of Porifera, and talk about what distinguishes them
1.Calcarea -- have all three shapes and only have CaCO3 in spicules
2.Demospongiae -- almost all leukonoid and have spongin or silica, but NEVER CaCo3)
3.Hexactinellida -- either leukenoid or synconoid, which spicules of silica
Name the tree types of tenticles and their functions in the Physalia (Hydrozoa, Siphonophora)
Dactylozooid: grabbing
Gastrozoids: eating
Gonozoids: mating
What is the locomotion like for Dinozoa?
two flagella -- one extends backward to propell the animal; the other encircles the body in a transverse groove, causing it to rotate
In cnidaria, what is the tube where the mouth is called?
In Chaos, where is cytoplasmic streaming initialized?
transition of the cytoplasm goes from ectoplasm (more gel) to endoplasm (more fluid)
How are cnidocytes, cnidocils, and nematocysts related?
Cnidocytes are the cells in which nematocysts are locates, which fire if the cnidocil is stimulated (through trigger)
In trematodes, what is the difference between a redia and a cercaria?
The redia is a larval stage in the trematode life cycle which develops into another anatomically distinct larval stage, the cercaria, which leaves the mother.