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What is pharmacodynamics (PD)?
-The action of drugs on the body
-Involves: receptor binding, post-receptor effect, and chemical interaction
What is Pharmacokinetics (PK)?
-Actions of the body on a drug
For PK, what does ADME stand for?
-A: Absorption
-D: Distribution
-M: Metabolism
-E: Excretion
What are excipients?
Inactive substances used as a carrier for the active ingredient (drug substance)
What is an orphan drug?
A drug that targets a rare disease affecting fewer than 200,000 people.
-Rarely made due to cost/benefits
How does the DEA organize controlled substances?
-5 Schedules, 1 is most addictive with the highest dependence potential (ex. 1 = Heroine, Pot) (5 = Codine, cough preps)
Which schedule has no medical uses?
Schedule 1 (LSD, Heroine)
Example of a Schedule 2?
Morphine, Amphetamine
Example of a Schedule 3?
Ketamine, thiopental, anabolic steroids
Example of a Schedule 4?
Example of a schedule 5?
Codine, cough preps
What words can drugs use but supplements cant?
What is
phase 1 of a clinical trial?
-Safety (among small group of HEALTHY individuals)
-Pharmokinetics (dose range) (single/multiple/food effect)
What is phase 2 of a clinical trial?
-Safety (among larger group of patients with DISEASE or condition)
-Efficacy (optimal dose/schedules)
What is phase 3 of a clinical trial?
-PROVE Safety (Long! 3 yrs, Thousands of patients)
-PROVE Efficacy
What is phase 3 of a clinical trial?
-Post-Marketing Studies