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What was Christopher Columbus Main desire


The first to the Western Hemisphere





Augustinians sought to

Improve religious instruction

What does the Dominican bartolome De Las Casas work to do

Alleviate the sufferings of the indigenous populations

Why did the Protestants struggle

Roman Catholic opposition

the land dock status of protestant States lack of missionary orders to provide personnel

Where do the roots of protestant Mission lie

In revivals

What Society did Carrie find in 1782

Baptist missionary Society

What did colonialism mean to missionaries

Legal standing and protection

What sidetracked Christian values

Lust For Gold diamonds Ivory Rubber and other commodities

The motto of every missionary

Devoted for life

Where did the women's work become crucial

Education evangelism medical missions and benevolent Mission Ministries

What mushroomed North America

Mission societies

The three selfs




Where did the center of gravity

Northern hemisphere

To progress from the Edinburgh conference to institutions perpetuates and Western interpretation of events that also draws attention away from

The rise of Indigenous Christian leaders and movements

First African Bishop also translated the Yoruba Bible

Nigerian Samuel adjai Crowther

The preservation of languages through translations

Safeguards valuable facets of culture and provides a independent frame of reference

The first cross-cultural Chinese missionary in modern times And first established Bible Institute for women workers in China

Dora yu

What are the best-known Christians in India widely-respected for her faith her independent mukti mission orphanag

Pandita ramabai

Believe that the evangelization of Japan required to completely indigenized Faith one free of disunity of marked protestantism

Kanzo uchimura

Move the missions focus in the direction of human tarianism and away from evangelism

Liberal theology and the Social Gospel in the mainline churches

Protestant missionaries divided over..... most bitterly in China

Doctrine and strategy

Christians in line with the Wesleyan Holiness and higher life movement spray for unusual manifestations of Supernatural power to accomplish the evangelization of the world

Radical evangelicals

Frustrated by the slow pace how many Protestant Christians were counted in 1900

3.6 million

They prayed for the return of

Signs and wonders

Second largest family of Christians after the Roman Catholic Church


True or false: not all charismatic Christians have embraced the teaching of the Pentecostal movement


Spiritual guess praying for the sick and usefulness of exorcism is called

The third wave

Despite the triumphant Prospect, Catholic Mission struggled with the same problems that faced

Protestant missions

4 biggest challenges to Christian missions

World wars

Nationalism / secularism

non-Christian religions

Internal doubts about beliefs