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Decisions should be made locally with culturally and biblically appropriate decision-making patterns. True or false


Should the missionary be the pastor or a coach

A coach

Money is to Mission what blank is to The Human Condition


Fire is capable of what

Wrecking Havoc

Since the mid-1970s what has the intense debate been over

What a mission field is and what it means for a mission to be reached

Where does the majority of the least reach groups

10/40 window

Hinduism Islam and Buddhism are

Least reachable

Most resistant

Least accessible

Types of pain that come with leadership in missions


Overwhelmed with duties

Being the bad guy

Babysitting a self-centered

Bearing the burden of decision-making

Bearing the pain of others

Three phases seen in relationship across cultures

Initial acquaintances

Developing friendship

Growth in intimacy

Three stages of friendship

Who are you

Let's be friends

Intimate friendship

One barrier of human relationship is

Tendency to stereotype

Individualistic friendships

It is voluntary you make friends because you want to

Collective friendship

You are just born into that friend group time spent together lack of privacy Mutual dependence and you face issues together

Changes in developing friendships

Friends interact more

Increase frequency in friendships have more knowledge in a share experiences

Increase knowledge of other person's motives and behaviors

The sense of we-ness increases among friends

And I think sense of caring commitment and Trust

Handling conflict is an important

part of what stage

Stage 2

The ideals of intimate friendship varies according to


What four steps to American tend to do according to friendships

Shoes on spontaneity

Relatively shallow

Kept separate from work

Formed and shared activities

Qualities of neighborliness will vary from

Culture to culture


What makes good neighbors, what bothers people the neighborhood, what roles there are for the stranger who comes into a new neighborhood

Discipleship is built on


A wise cross-cultural worker will invest ________________ in learning how friendships are developed in that culture so he or she can disciple well

Significant time