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Dr. Delores Krieger
developed therapeutic touch-energetic approach
Esalen and Gestalt
inspired pyschotherapists to explore massage and movement therapies
Dr. Charles K. Mills
a neurologist and massage advocate who criticized uneven quality of practitioners
techniques that stimulate the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the chemicals of the body
techniques that directly affect soft tissue. moves body fluids and intestinal content
excitation that activates the sensory nerves
William Reich
founded psychotherapeutic body techniques
methods that move the body, causing muscles to contract and relax joints
Sister Kenny
used massage in treatment of polio
5 physiologic effects of massage
neuromuscular, connective tissue, circulation,ans, and electrical-chemical
Followers of Johann Mezger
used french terms such as effleurage and petrisage
Per Henrik Ling
proposed an intergrated program of active and passive movements based on swedish gymnastics
Passive movements
range of motion and stretching when performed by therapist
Mathias Roth
an english physician who studied with Ling
Ida Rolf
developed rolfing
Charles F. and George H. Taylor
introduced Swedish movement in the united states
Ambrose Pare
used massage for joint stiffness and wound healing after surgery
Active movements
known as exercise
Margaret Knott and Dorothy Voss
wrote first book on propriaceptive neuromuscular facillitation
Movement approach
changes abnormal movement patterns into optimal ones
Alexander Lowen
founded bioenergetics
Dr Boris Chaitow and Dr. Stanley Lief
cofounders of the neuromuscular technique
Massage in the western world
kept alive as part of folk culture
Massage in the eastern world
a continuation of greco-roman traditions.
Dr. Milton Trager
developed Trager system
Mechanical approach
attempts mechanical changes in soft tissue
Elizabeth Dicke
developed connective tissue massage
2000 bc
massage first mentioned in writing
national certification examput into effect
1478 ad
De Medicina was rediscovered and published
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
a battle creek physician who used massage and hydrotherapy
effects of massage produced by the release of chemicals in the body
sensory receptors that detect joint and muscle activity
1894 ad
massage scandals revealed in british medical journal
knowing somthing without going through a conscious process of thinking
1856 ad-
Taylor brothers introduce swedish to united states
ability to pay attention to a specific area
1776-1839 ad
Ling is given credit for development of swedish massage