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Why is it easy to validate massage?
has an extensive base in history and current research
What are the 5 basic types of circulation?
arterial flow, venous return flow,lymphatic drainage, cerebrospinal fluid, respiration
3 words to describe sympathetic autonomic nervous system functions
Fight, flight and fear
What seems to be the effect of massage on myofascial trigger points?
massage stimulates proprioceptor nerve endings and reflex mechanisms
What words describe the parasympathetic functions?
relaxation response
Why are reflexes important to the understanding of why massage works?
reflexes are fast, autonomic responses to a change in enviroment that help maintain homeostasis. reflexes are important protective mechanisms
What are the possible physiologig mechanisms that support energy methods?
entrainment,nervous system stimulation
What role does massage play in relieving nerve impingement?
it stretches the connective tissue andd changes tension to relieve pressure
Is it possible to separate the somatic, emotional, and cognitive elements in the response to massage?
no, in application the elements mingle
How does massage stimulate the release of neurotransmitters, endorphins, and enkephalins?
massage is more intense than pain, causing release of these.
What are the five basic Physiologic effects of massage?
neuromuscular, connective tissue, autonomic nervous system, circulation, chemical
In what way do chronic problems affect the connective tissue?
tissue becomes fibrotic and spreads to surrouding tissue