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What is the definition of information technology?

It is the technology used to create, maintain, and make information accessible.

Which IT position has the responsibillity of working with routers and switches?

Network Administrator

In which generation were silicon chips first used in computers?

Third generation

Which low-level language corresponds one to one with assembly?

machine language

What allows an organization to use software through the internet?

Saas or Software as a Service

What is one of IT's role in golobalization?

It allows companies to reach a wider customer base.

Which category of computer has an external flat screen monitor, optical disk drive, and a large capacity hard drive?


Which two software application packages would be classified as productivity software?

Spreadsheet program and word processor

Which two computer peripherals are connected to the computer through a port?

External microphone and USB flash drive

Which term is defined as a collection of information used to support management of an organization?

Information system

A website logs the timestamp, location, and browser of every visitor. It then aggregates this content into peak traffic times and days,minimum and maximum hits for each country and region, and popularity of certain browsers among visitors. What is the timestamp considered in this scenerio?


a dept manager is creating a budget estimate for the upcoming year. The manager would like to determine whether the data will be available when the decision for the next year have to be made. Which characteristic of valuable data is the manager considering?


Which two are parts of an information system?

Databases and Networks.

What is the difference between processing and storage?

Processing involves temporary information, while storage involves permenant information.

What type of information processing allows input data to be accepted as a set of records and processed as a unit?

Batch processing

What is the role of the systems administrator?

To install and maintain network resources.

Which action would be important for the IT department to take in order to help their business meet the goal of increased expansion?

Expanding the infrasturcture to support additional locations.

What step should be taken by a business when a third-party solution is found that will benefit a project?

Contact the group to arrange a demo of their product.

Which risk assessment question is part of the initiation phase?

Could the end users reject the outcome of the project?

In what phase of a project does time estimation occur?


What effect does scope creep have on a project?

It increases unplanned costs for the project.

Which system requirement is an example of considering user needs in the design of an information system?

Allowing easy access to customer account information.

Which type of systems testing includes having the customer test the system in an operational setting to see if it is useful?

User Acceptance

Which type of systems conversion involves starting the conversion with a portion of end users?


What are two necessary elements of business continutiy planning?

Identifying risks that may occur

Assessing key organizational activities.

Which disaster recovery strategy is used to save information to multiple hard drives at the same time?

Data mirrorring

Which action would support confidentiality?

Updating security software.

Which regulation governs the actions of a company in case of data records being compromised, lost, or stolen?

Security Breach Notification laws

How can an organization assist employees with the ethical use of information technology?

By developing policies for information usage.

What is part of the role of an It professional assocation?

Provides professional standards for ethical behavior.

Engages in best practices for information systems

What is outside of the rold of an IT professional assocation?

Writes laws dealing with information technology

Which benefit is provided by a computer network in a business?

Cost for hardware resources are decreased.

A software emulator program that permits a computer user to use multiple computers and multiple platforms without the expense of purchasing mutiple computers.

virtual machines

Each computer is roughly equal to every other computer.


One computer will request information from another computer, which responds with requested information.


Allows the user to control the actions of the software and through the software, to access hardware.

The operating system

Which action by application programs requires support from an operating system?

An internet browser displays a web page.

What is true about the Linux operating system?

Linux runs on both servers and workstations

Which characteristic identifies application sotware that is cloud based?

provided by third party providers

What type of software permits free temporary use followed by long term activation for a fee?


What is the purpose of the End User License Agreement for a commercial software package?

Establishes the customer's right tot use the software.

What is the difference between proprietary and open-source software license?

Proprietary software has a cost whereas open-source software is free.

Which two components are parts of a central processing unit?

Control Unit (CU)

Arithmetic logic unit (AlU)

An employee needs to edit a contract and prepare a hard copy for a project team. Which two peripheral devices should be used?



Which motherboard component helps cool the cpu?

heat sink

Which item is a storage device?

flash drive

In which type of network topology is each networked device directly connectd to every other networked device?


Which communication medium is typically used when sending data transmissions over very long distances?

Radio signals

What indicates a specific internet location?

The ip address

Translates human readable aliases into IP addresses

domain name system (DNS)

Which part of a Uniform Resource Locator identifies the location of the document on the server?

Resource path id

Which goal of information Assurance (IA) requires that information is accessible when needed?


Which technique uses all possible combination of letters and numbers to crack a password?

brute force

which is a characterisc of high level languages?

language translator programs are required.

how does a compiler work?

It requires the components of the software to be defined from the onset.

On which tier of the n tier architecture model are user interfaces developed?


Which component facilitates communication between the other two components in the MVC architecture model?


What is the difference between a compiled and interpreted computer language?

compiler translates an entire program into executable progam which can be run at a later time, while the interpreter does this incrementally.

Which two languages have traditionally been used for automation rather than software development?

TCL and Python because they are scripting languages

Which is true of databases and the application that interact with them?

Applications are interdependent with the database.

What is another term for a formula that outlines how to execute a task?


What is the role of drivers in facilitating communication between application and databases?

They allow the ODBC to be used for interactions with the database and applications.

Which sql clause is used to inform the database management system which table should be interrograted by the query?


Which data type is used to represent product order code that comprises alphanumeric characters?

String data

Why is it important to ensure that data support business goals?

To aid in making strategic decisions.

In which category of the DIKW hierarchy would business intelligence be located?


Which field must contain a unique value in order for a relational database table to function?

primary key

What are the three main categories of databases?

Flat file, relational, and hierarchal

What is the database administrators role in security?

To institute protocols to protect the databases from external threats.

A single chip process developed in 1974 by IBM


Over the years, the number of transisters that can be placed on a chip has increased by how much?

By orders of maginitude rather than linearly

What is the phenomenon observed that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year and will continue for at least the next ten years?

Moore's law

How long has Moore's law continued to be a trend?

from 1965 to the present

Is moore's law an observation or a physical law?


The fetch-execute cycle is performed in an overlapped fashion on several instructions.

pipelines cpu

a programming language that is a lengthy list of 1s and 0s.

machine language

An early language translator that would translate an assembly program into machine language.


Language that consists of English words, mathematical notation, and familiar syntax such as a semicolon used to end statements.

high level language

What was the operation system called in the early 1960s?

a resident monitor

Which statement allowed the programmer to transfer control from any location in a progam to anywhere else in the program?


What does the GOTO statement create?

spaghetti code

What replaced the GOTO statement with high level control constructs such as while loops, and if-else statements, and is not allowed to use the GOTO statement?

structured programming

A stand alone entity that would be programmed to handle its own internal methods as well as messages received from other objects.

An object

What is the main difference between a compiled language and an interpreted language?

An interpreted language runs inside of a special environment called the interpreter.

When a programmer enters a command, what converts that command to machine language and executes it?

the interpreter

perl, php, ruby, python, and asp are interpreted languages that are also what other type of language?

scripting languages

Relies on a session and allows you to test out an idea because they are executed as they're written.


Requires that the componenets of the software all be defined from the onset and is considered to have more efficient code.


What generation used vacuum tubes in computers?

first generation

What generation of computers began to use transistors?


what generation of computers introduced the silicon chip?


what type of computer still uses silicon chips?


What generation of computers introduced operating systems?


What do integrated circuits need to function?

silicon chip

a location beacon that uses bluetooth technology and can be embedded in any location aware mobile device.


The myriad of types of devices that can and will be connected to the internet in the next few years.

the internet of things (IoT)

What does RFID stand for?

Radio frequency identification device

Refers to data sets that are so large and complex that they will require more advanced database management/processing tools than we currently use.

big data

what cloud service provides access and use of software to businesses through the internet?

Saas or software as a service

which form of cloud computing enables teams of developers to quickly and reliably develop and deliver applications by accessing the same environment in real-time.

Paas or Platform as a Service

Which cloud service provides all the resources (servers, data storage) tha an IT dept needs ouside of the org making them accessible by anyone, anywhere

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service

Reduced costs

Increased speed of development of projects

The ability to quickly and easily scale operations.

Less reliance on internal IT expertise.

Benefits of cloud computing

What are the risks of cloud computing?

Org becomes dependent on the reliability and performance of a third party vendor.

Adverse effects on internal IT employees.

Could raise concerns about data ownership and compliance issues.

Possible breach in security.

What are the main components in a computer?



input/output (i/o) system


what does ipos stand for?

input, process, output, storage

Includes all peripheral devices for input, output, storage and network.

i/o subsystem

consists of long term storage devices

disk drives


The device that permits information to move between each component.

The bus

Also known as the chassis or cabinet.

The case of a computer

The circuitry and electrical channels that enable communication among the electronic components.

the bus

the printed circuit board that houses the cpu, memory chips, and expansion cards in any computer.

the motherboard

also referred to as "the chip"


Retrieves instructions and raw data (input) and manages the transmission of the instructions and data to the alu.

Control unit

Completes mathematical calculations and logical operations to process the data, converting the input of keyboard text entry to output displayed on the screen.

arithmetic logic unit

controls the speed at which instructions are processed.

The system clock

What is the measurement unit used to identify clock speed on today's computers?


What does BIOS stand for

Basic input output system

The basic operating system that runs when a computer is first turned on. It runs test of memory and the cpu,and initilizes hardware components so that the actual Operating system can be loaded from the hard disk.


Temporarily stores data before it is processed and sent to your screen or printer.


Volitile memory that disappears when the computer is turned off or loses power.


Houses CDs and DVDs, typically located on the front of the system unit for easy access.


can insert modem cards, wireless access cards, and other PC cards such as camera cards


Can connect additional input, output, storage, and communication devices


computer that has the least amount of performance


computer that has the mid amount of performance capability


computer with the most amount of performance capability


consists of programs that end users run to accomplish tasks. An example of a type of this software includes the email client, web browser, and ftop client

application software

consists of applications that are usefule to everyone such as word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet program, database mgmt systems, calendar program, address book, and data organizer.

productivity software

software more specific towards artists and graphic designers

drawing software

also referred to as horizontal software

productivity software

Software used by select groups with an organization or to a specific discipline such as music sequencers, samplers, and digital recorders for muscians.

vertical software

progams that make up the operating system and directly supports the computer system itself.

system software

Pieces of the operating system that run in the background all of the time

daemons or services

works with hardware to provide a network service, types of software includes web servers, email servers, and database servers

server software

software stored on an individual computer

local application

the ability to have computation anywhere at any time

ubiquitous computing

Android, Chrom, and iOS are common operating systems for which type of computer?

mobile devices

dedicated computers within a network whose function is to respond to network requests and provide a network service


loaded when the computer is first booted, included components that handle process mgmt, resource mgmt, and memory mgmt


sits on top of the hardware and is the interface between hardware and software

the kernel

a piece of the operating system that provides specific interfaces between the OS running a computer and hardware.

device drivers

an interface for the user that provides access to the kernel

the shell

programs that allow the user to monitor and improve system performance

system utilities

sometimes referred to as root or superuser

administrator account

hat is the role of a web server

to respond to HTTP requests

What does http stand for?

hypertext transfer protocol

Used in an organization to act as a giant cache of web pages that anyone in the organization has recently retrieved.

proxy server

what type of server has the capability of blocking specific servers and rejecting responses that contain certain content?

proxy server

permits database access across a network. Performs tasks such as data analysis, data manipulation, security, and archiving.

database server

like a web server, this server host files and allows clients to access those files. However, it instead provides access in the form of uploading and downloading files.

ftp server

a computer with a large hard disk storing files that any or many users of the network may wish to access.

file server

data that has been processed


in the dikw, what is data?

data is the input directly received by human or computer.

in dikw, what is information?

information is inferred from data, meaning that one or many processes have been applied to the data to tranform it into a more useful form.

in dikw, what is knowledge?

refined information that hte user of the knowledge is able to call forth only relevant portions of information when needed.

in dikw, what is wisdom?

having both knowledge and experience

which characteristic of quality data requires data being used to be applied directly to the decision being made.


characateristic of quality data where data is provided efficiently and on time so that companies can utilize it in their business.


characteristic of quality data whereas data must be complete and not contain errors or lapses of data.


characteristic of quality data whereas data is captured once only, where possible, and captured as close to the point of activity as possible.


characteristic of quality data whereas data should reflect stable and consistent data collection processes across collection points and over time, whether using manual or computer based systems or a combination.


What four operations does a computer perform?





The physical components of a computer


the programs and other operating information used by the computer


a collection of computers and resources connected by various media so they can communicate with each other.


The people who use the computer system


A set of rules established to govern how people behave and interact with each other

a protocol

a requirment of all computers to communicate over the internet

transmission control protocol/ internet protocol or TCP/IP

A collection of protocols that is sometimes referred to as a protocol stack


commercial software purchased from a vendor


proprietary software produced by a company that commercially markets software

software house

software free from purchase, but not necessarily free in how you use it.


what types of software is ususally software that has become obsolete because a new software has replaced it, or is software that the original producer no longer wants to maintain and provide support for?


public domain

software that has been moved into the public domain and are made available as executables.

public domain

software created in the open source community and made freely available as source code

open source

protects an original work, but no the ideas behind the work


excluse right to make copies, prepare derivative works, and distribute copies of the work for the duration of the author's life plus 70 years.