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One of those most anxiety things we do
give a speech
Purpose of speeches
To inform, to intertain, to persuade
Three elements to every speech
speech, speaker, audience
of the three elements in speechmaking
The hearer determines the speeche's end and object
Analyze the speaking situation ( audience analysis)
the audience and occasion; just like you have a purpose for speaking the audience has a purpose as well
characteristics of your audience such as ethnicity, gender, age, and beliefs
Group Membership
when speaking to a group they are there because of shared interest
Number of people
big difference, with a smaller group you can be more intimate and less formal
The occasion
time of the year can affect your audiience
Audience expectations
either a formal or intimate approach
irrational thinking
assume the worst possible scenario, i'll forget it all, perfect doesn't have to be perfect, gaining everyones approval in the audience
most important key to controlling stafe fright
be prepared
introduction and conclusion
most important things about your speech; usually occupy 20% of your speech; listeners form an impression early on and remember what they hear last
capture attention
good to get the audiences attention right away
Refer to the Audience and the Occasion
Recall people are most interested when they are connected to the speaker; site a fact or opionion; use a quotation
Tell a story
a personal story perks up the human audience interest because it shows the human side of your subject
Tell A Joke
find one that is apropriate for both audiences and occasion
preview your thesis
The central idea of your speech, most important sentence tells it directly to your audience along with your speech; sets the mood and tone of your speech; demonstrates the importance of our topic to your audience
things to not do during a speech
end abruptly, ramble on and on, introduce new points, and apologize
(three main points); with every main point you need to support the point your making
3 Functions to Supporting material
1. Clarify when udsing key terms and ideas; it helps to define or explain and do away with confusion.
2. To make interesting/ memorable; to catch your audience attention
3. Most important material is used as evidence to prove what you are explaining
give your audience members definitions to key terms
a specific case that is used to demonstrate your main point
a brief story with a point often based on a personal exprience
quotes from reputable people ex: professor, film critic, research, scientist
keeps your message going forward and everyone on track