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What is the major role of promotion?
To facilitate exchanges or indirectly by informing individuals, groups or organizations and influencing them to accept a firms products.
List the four major print media and give an advantage and a disadvantage of each.
Newspapers = reasonable cost but short life span
Magazines = longer life span but high cost and lacks timeliness
Direct mail = effectiveness can be measured easily but need appropriate and current mailing lists
Out-of-home advertising billboards = can focus on a particular geographic area. Inexpensive but message is limited.
Why would a firm with its own advertising department use an ad agency?
New idea (thinking outside the box), fresh approach, current advertising department is too small to handle the task.
What is cooperative advertising? What sorts of firms use it?
Advertising whose cost is shared by a producer (McDonalds Corporation) and one or more retailers (McDonalds franchises) Small local firms use this type of advertisers (Tru Value Hardware)
What is the difference between publicity and public relations? What is the purpose of each?
Publicity is information about a company, its employees, or its products that is published or broadcast in the mass media. Its purpose is to generate special interest in the company and keep it in the public eye. IT IS NOT PAID FOR BY THE COMPANY.
What is the difference between publicity and public relations? What is the purpose of each?
Public relations consist of all activities aimed at creating and maintaining a favorable public image. Its purpose is to create new ways to promote a product or company. It is paid for by the company that hires the public relations people.
Jordan’s Furniture

Why would the Tatelmans choose not to mention prices in their advertising?
Get people in store
Different from other companies
Focus on product
Not trying to compete on price
Building a brand image of fun and entertainment
Promote other issues
Would you suggest that Jordan’s Furniture tailor the opening page of its website to the theme of each new advertising campaign? Explain your answer?
Yes answer = reinforce website with up to date capabilities
Something new for repeat visitors

No answer = cost involved to change website
Take away from sites consistency
When customers buy from Jordan’s Furniture, they deal with salespeople. How do the chain’s advertising and in-store attractions facilitate the personal-selling process?
First advertising and in-store attractions bring in a larger number of people. This aids in prospecting.
Second because people must walk through store displays to get to and from in-store attractions, this provides more opportunities for approaching customers.
Third advertising and in-store attractions reinforce that the decision to buy from Jordan’s was a good one, which paves the way for follow-up and future sales.