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Definition of Cross-culture

involving or bridging the differences between two or more cultures or cultural groups

Definition of Culture

sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another

Definition of Cross-cultural Diversity

Differences in religion, age, gender, values, appearance, etc

Benefits of Cross-culture in the workplace

Improved customer service

Enhanced staff skill, creativity, and innovation

Access to overseas markets

Key to business success

Risks of cultural diversity in the workplace

Increased confusion

Tension among staff

Low staff retention rates

Difficult to reach single agreement

Ways to manage cross culture diversity

Culture awareness programs

Communicate with staff regularly

Teach conversational language skills

Continuous feedback

Cross cultural mentoring programs

What can help establish a good foundation for effective cross-cultural communication?

Courtesy and Respect

How can you overcome cross cultural communication barriers?

Speak slowly

Speak concise and clearly

Use straightforward language

Avoid analogies or slang

Shun humor

Adopt formal communication approach

Summarize yourself and ask for feedback

Observe cultural étiquette differences

What is Role Conflict?

The situation that occurs when a person has to choose between two competing demands of expectations

What is Accommodating?

A way of handling conflict be allowing the other side to win

What is Personality Clash?

An antagonistic relationship between two people based on differences in personal attributes, preferences, interests, values, and styles

What is Compromise?

Involves handling the conflict by reaching a resolution that both sides of the table agree on

Reasons for conflict

Differences in wants, needs, goals, and values

Shortage of money and power

Established expectation of others is not met

Resource scarcity

Lack of communication

Personality and work style differences

Positive outcomes of conflict

Healthy and creative force for change

Build and strengthen relationships

True or False: When resolving a conflict, you should allow emotions to take over the conversation.


What are roadblocks to resolving conflicts?

Clashing egos

Name calling






Defensive posture or language

What are the steps in the conflict resolution process?

Clarify disagreement

Establish common goal

Discuss ways to meet common goal

Determine barriers to goal

Determine best solution to resolution

Acknowledge agreed resolution and assign tasks to each to meet resolution

Implement solution

Choose follow p date to evaluate

What are the five ways to handle conflict?






What are the types of conflict?

Competition for limited resources

Role conflict

Competing work and family demands

Personality clashes

Agressive personalities

Incivility and rudness

What is a Team?

A group of people working together to achieve a common goal

What are Cross-functional Teams?

A work group composed of workers from different specialties coming together to accomplice a task

What are Virtual Teams?

A small group of people who conduct almost all of their collaborative work by electronic communication rather than face to face meetings

What is Teamwork?

A group of people working together to achieve a common goal

What are the advantages of teamwork?


Enhanced productivity and profitability

Improved job satisfaction

Likely to avoid errors

Helpful to gaining acceptance and commitment

What are the four stages of Team Development?





True and False: A team can perform effectively if team members are competent and motivated,


What are the characteristics of effective teams?

Clear goal

Results driven structure

Unified commitment


Collaborative climate

Understood High Standards

Periodic self assessment

Shared leadership


Sufficient Resources

What are the four types of team?

Self managing work teams

Cross functional teams

Virtual teams


What is Personnel Management?

Concerned with the enfacement and effective utilization of manpower to obtain optimum efficiency of human resources

What is Expectancy?

The belief that if you perform well that a valued outcome will be received

What is Motivation?

The internal drive to accomplice a particular goal

What is Instrumentality?

The belief that increased effort will ear to increased performance

What are the importances of Personnel Management?

Obtaining and Retaining capable workers

Utilizing employees strengths effectively

Maintaining employees willing to work

Improve productivity

What are the function of Personnel Management?




Performance Assessment


True or False: Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory states that people have a pyramid hierarchy of needs that they will satisfy from top to bottom


What are the ways to reward deserving employees?




Change job title

Extra leave

Company car

Free vacation

Option to work at home