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compliance-gaining strategies

Behaviors designed to gain the agreement of others, persuade others to do as you wish

types of sexual harassment and how to handle it

conduct in offensive nature, photos, jokes, stories. to the harasser

2.collect evidence

3.begin appropriate channels within the organization

4.file a complaint

5.don't blame yourself

power plays

patterns of behavior that are used repeatedly by one person to take unfair advantage of another person

tag questions

questions that ask for agreement "that was a great movie, wasn't it?"

relationship license

Permission to violate some relationship expectation , custom, or rule.

equity theory

people experience relational satisfaction when there is an equal distribution of rewards and costs between 2 ppl in relationship

relationships dialectics

an explanation of the conflicting motives that ppl in close relationships often experience

social exchange

you cultivate profitable relationships (rewards are greater than costs) and that you avoid or terminate unprofitable relationships (those that costs exceed your rewards)

social penetration

relationship development from the superficial to the intimate levels (depths) and from few t many areas of interpersonal interactions (breadth)

love types

eros-beaty and sexuality

ludas- entertainment and excitement

mania-elation depression

agope- unconditional


comm behaviors and effects on comm effectivness

bredth and depth

breadth- number of topics

depth- degree to which inner personality gives