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free software programs--typically toolbars that work with your web browser--that are advertiser supported. While adware is usually safe, some may contain spyware.
Anti-virus software
Programs to detect and remove computer viruses
the maximum amount of data that can travel a communications path in a given time, usually measured in seconds.
electronic journal or diary. The writer, known as a blogger, makes periodic entries, sometimes as frequently as a few times a day.
a file sent to a web browser by a web server that is used to record one's activities on a website.
Cyber bullying
the act of one minor intimidating another minor via the Internet.
Cyber crime
refers to conducting criminal activity over the Internet
the whole range of information resources available through computer networks.
to convert it from analog to digital.
is the method by which users access and save or "pull down" software or other files to their own computers from a remote computer, usually via a modem.
Short for electronic mail, e-mail consists of messages, often just text, sent from one user to another via a network.
End User
Typically, it's you, the person a particular software program is designed for. Before you can install new software on you computer, you usually have to approve an End User Agreement.
reacting to someone's group posting or e-mail in a hostile manner by publicly chastising the person or bombarding the person with nasty e-mail.
a slang term for a technically sophisticated computer user who enjoys exploring computer systems and programs, sometimes to the point of obsession.
basically an internal Internet designed to be used within the confines of a company, university, or organization. What distinguishes an intranet from the freely accessible Internet is that an intranet is private.
Intellectual Property
property that results from original creative thought, as patents, copyright material, and trademarks.
Combine "malicious" and "software" and you get "malware," a term that describes a software program designed to wreck havoc on your computer
Online Predator
an adult Internet user who exploits vulnerable children or teens, usually for sexual or other abusive purposes.
an unscrupulous practice devised to lure you into revealing your bank accounts, passwords, credit card numbers, PIN codes and other sensitive data
a small add-on piece of software that extends the capabilities of a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, allowing the browser to run multimedia files.
software that is freely distributed for a small fee paid on an "honor system.”
Social Networking
refers to websites that allow members to participate in online communities by creating personal profiles and interacting with other members.
a canned sandwich filler product, spam now also refers to the practice of blindly posting commercial messages or advertisements to a large number of unrelated and uninterested groups and blogs, and bulk e-mailing unsolicited commercial messages.
is the name given to a wide and growing range of software programs designed to steal your personal information.
Streaming Media
refers to multimedia files, such as video clips and audio, that begin playing seconds after it is received by your computer from the World Wide Web.
Trojan Horse
is human-made software programs created specifically to wreak mischief on personal computers and networks.
Often confused with downloading, uploading a file means transmitting it from your computer to a remote one.
is a program created specifically to invade computers and networks and wreak havoc on them.
is a person in charge of maintaining a website.
a wireless networking standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
is human-made software program created specifically to wreak mischief on personal computers and networks.
A computer that has been secretly infected by a malicious software program