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What are some prerequiste for military success?
Accurate and timely intel--knowledge of the enemy and the surrounding environment that is needed to support decision making
What is Intelligence?
a fundamental component of command and control that aids the commmander in applying combat power at the decisive time and place.
Additional medical intel may be requested through G-2 sections of what elements?
Command, ground combat, aviation combat, combat service support.
Where can you find additional info on intel support to medcial ops?
Intel series of the Marine Corps warfighting pub MCWP 2-12 MAGTF
Who is the first to receive medical intel from on-site care providers due to multiple communications and info links available to sections within the FSSG?
Health service support element (HSSE)
What center is a field production activity of the Defense Intel Agency?
Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
AFMIC provides all source intel on what levels?
1. Worldwide infectious disease and environmental health risks
2. Foreign military and civilian health care systems and infrastructure.
3. Foreign biomedical developments and life science technology of military medical significance.
AFMIC maintains what ?
1.extensive data bases
2. monitors foreign research
3. development
4. production
5.transitional flow of medical material for military interest
6. provides intel liaison services to key custormers.
AFMIC intelligence products provide what to the nation?
direct support to US military customers for operational planning; development of policy, doctrine, and training priorities; and medical research and development.