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What are some functions of the skin?
Protects the body from pathogens. Bacteria Viruses
Helps regulate body temperature, loss of water
Contains nerve cells that respond to heat, cold, pain and pressure
What are the three layers the skin is made up?
epidermas dermas hypodermas (subcutaneous tissue)
The epidermal layer is formed by?
Squamus Epitheleum
Specialized cells are called?
melonocytes contain pigment called
What are cells filled with a protein keratin called?
What is the death and regeneration cycle called?
What are keratinocytes accumulated at the first level called?
basal layer
What is it called as the keratinocytes push outward and get flattened? And what happens to them?
Horney cells. They undergo an enzyme function and die.
What is the last level called where the dead horney cells are?
stratum corneum
How long does it take for the keretinocytes to evolve push through the dermis and die?
6-10 weeks
What level is the dermis?
middle layer
The dermis is composed of two levels. True or False?
What is the more active level of the dermis called?
What is the less active level called?
What does the vascularized level do?
supplies epidermis with nutrients from the blood
It helps regulate body temperature by controlling blood flow through the skin
What does the the collagen do?
Gives skin strength and elasticity
Structurally supports hair and glands
Subcutaneous layer is made up of what?
Connective tissue made up of lipocytes (fat cells)
What does the subcutaneous layer do?
insulate body from the cold
cushion deeper tissues and absorb trauma
storage for the body's fuel supply
What are the two glands?
sebaceous glands and sweat glands
Where and what do the sebaceous glands do?
Near the hair follicle to secrete sebum to lubricate hair and skin
Where and what do the sweat glands?
They open up in the pores and secrete sweat which cools the body
Hair is actually a modified type of skin T or F?
What are some components of the nail?
nail plate protect tips and consist of
cuticle epidermis at base
lunala moonshaped crescent
Which cells help the body against infection?
Langerhans cells
What are the three layers of skin?
dermis epidermis subcutaneous
What are the tiny projections that fit the dermis to the epidermis?
What is the bulb at the base of the hair called
what is the sac like pit in the skin called
what protects the skins surface?
What are the three parts of the hair?
medulla, the soft center
cortex surrounds the medulla main part
cuticle the hard outside
What are the three parts of the nail
matrix below the skin
nail plate larger pink part
lunula the white crescent