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Staple removal scissors

Suture removal scissors

EMT scissors

Bandage removal scissors

Laryngeal mirror

Nasal speculum

Percussion hammer

Ear syringe with shield

Disposable scalpel

Tuning fork

Vaginal speculum

Uterine curette

Thumb dressing foreceps

Eye probe

Otoscope with battery

Otoscope with ear piece


Needle holder

Thumb tissue foreceps

Finger rake retractor

Baumgartner needle holder

Mayo/Hegar needle holder

Ochsner-kocher hemostatic forceps

Kelly hemostatic forceps

Anoscope with canula

Uterine dressing foreceps

Olsen hegar needle holder

Allis tissue foreceps

Curved pean homeostatic foreceps

Transfer pick ups

Straight sharp sharp scissors

Heaney-TC needle holder

Uterine tenaculum foreceps

Sponge holding foreceps

Towel clamp

Mosquito hemostatic foreceps