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mr (arthur) birling

• Mr Birling has a successful business and is hoping for a knighthood.

• He is arrogant, materialistic and selfish and he doesn't learn any lessons by the end of the play.

• He represents a capitalist attitude and criticises socialism.

mrs (sybil) birling

• She is cold-hearted and snobbish, despite being a prominent member of a local women's charity.

Mrs Birling is her husband's social superior.

eric birling

Eric is in his early twenties and has a drinking problem – there is tension between him and his parents.

• He forces his way into Eva/Daisy's flat and takes advantage of her position and she gets pregnant.

gerald croft

Gerald is engaged to Sheila Birling and comes from a high status family.

Gerald is confident and charming – at first he impresses the audience with his honesty, but by the end of the play he has not learned from his mistakes.

Priestley suggests that men like Gerald had seen themselves as above the problems of the working classes.

shiela birling

• Sheila is in her early twenties, is engaged to Gerald Croft and is a giddy, naïve and childish young lady.

• She is very regretful of her own involvement in Eva Smith's suicide.

• She shows an assertive side in standing up to her mother and father and also proves to be insightful and intelligent.

• By the end of the play she has grown up and has realised that her actions can have grave consequences.

• She matures, admiring Gerald's honesty, even though he cheated on her.

eva smith/daisy renton

• We can infer that she was strong willed and had a sense of humour.

• By the time she reaches Eric and Sybil, Eva is desperate and resourceful in trying to get herself help.

• Eva Smith is a symbol of all working-class women – we don't even know that 'Eva Smith' is only one person, since the Inspector controls the information.

inspector goole

• He is assertive, all-knowing and imposing.

• The name 'Goole' suggests a supernatural or ghost-like element (ie, ghoul).

• He could be seen as the conscience of the audience.