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Which of the following support tools is NOT provided with most word processing software?
An encyclopedia.
Which of the following would NOT be used as an input device for a computer system?
PC speaker.
One responsibility that is NOT traditionally given to a beginning programmer is
System design.
In most languages, the absence of parentheses implies that the order of mathematical operation, from highest to lowest precedence, is
Exponentiation; multiplication and division; addition and subtraction.
A point-of-sale terminal is typically NOT used as a tool for which of the following activities?
Determining customer demographics.
Which of the following best describes flaming?
The act of sending abusive or insulting messages on the Internet.
In the case of a power failure, the contents of RAM will be
Which of the following has as its primary function to locate Web sites that deal with particular subjects?
Search engine.
Conversion of data files is part of which of the following phases of the system development life cycle?
Each of the following applications are typically available for a personal digital assistant (PDA) EXCEPT
Graphical presentation.
Which of the following is (are) used to refer to Java programs?
Applets and Servlets.
Which of the following does GPS stand for?
Global positioning system.
A plan to safeguard a company's computer system against damage caused by earthquakes, floods, or fires is called
A disaster recovery plan.
The device that is designed to scan a printed document, convert the image to an electronic representation, and transmit this representation of the image via a phone line is called a
Fax machine.
In a relational database, each column represents
A data element.
Which of the following is required to access the Internet from a home location?
Access to an Internet node or a service provider.
Which of the following is NOT a correct characterization of batch processing?
It allows immediate updating of master files.
Type of processing which provides physical batch totals to be used in control procedures.
Batch Processing.
Type of processing which provides efficient updating of master files.
Batch Processing.
Type of process that is most applicable for processing routine periodic activities.
Batch Processing.
Type of process which allows efficient scheduling of processing.
Batch Processing.
Which of the following is NOT true about a Gannt chart?
It lists cost estimates for each activity.
Chart used to estimate time for total job completion.
Gannt Chart.
Chart which lists minimum and maximum time estimates for individual activities.
Gannt Chart.
Chart which lists activities and deadlines.
Gannt Chart.
Which of the following statements about electronic mail is FALSE?
E-mail message content can be considered secure by both the sender and receiver.
A modem performs which of the following functions?
It converts digital data into analog signals.
The special formatting language used to create Web pages is called
The process through which a user is verified and validated to access a computer network system is referred to as
A program written to access and update a master database that maintains sales of tickets to an upcoming concert is called
A transaction processing system.
In a spreadsheet formula, what type of cell address is fixed and does not change when the formula is copied?
Absolute address.
A transmission line in which data items travel in both directions simultaneously is described as
When applied to the development of computer systems, the term "ergonomics" means
Incorporating human comfort, efficiency, and safety to the design of the human-machine interface.
A set of eight bits can represent, at most, how many different characters?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a decision support system (DSS), as it is usually defined?
It makes the one best or optimal decision.
Which of the following is typically the title of the person whose responsibilities include creating and maintaining a data dictionary?
Database Administrator.
For which of the following programming languages is there always a one-to-one correspondence between a line of code in that language and a line of code in machine language?
For which of the following conditions is it NEVER possible to recover a file from the disk to which it is written?
A different file with the same name is copied to the same location on the disk.
The American Charity Association, a nonprofit foundation, has a home page on the World Wide Web. Which of the following is the most likely address for its home page?
Which of the following is the method of data transmission in which blocks of fixed lengths are sent with start/stop signals?
What is the term that refers to the downloading of live video, audio, or animaiton in such a manner that ther user can begin to access the content before the download is complete?
Which of the following is a set of protocols used to link different types of computers over the Internet?
Voice recognition can be included with which of the following systems?
Office automation systems and Security systems.
The system component that produces output in a specific printer language is referred to as which of the following?
A device driver.
Which of the following statements is (are) true concerning multiuser database management systems?
The increase the standardization of data.

They can increase the access and availability of information.