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Advancing warm air mass displaces a cold air mass and glides over the top of it
warm front
A warm air mass is squeezed upward between two cold air masses
occluded front
Measures relative
Measures temperature
Measures wind speed
Measures air pressure
Measures height of cloud layers/estimates percentage of sky covered by clouds
___________ thunderstorm forms because of unequal heating of earth's surface within one air mass
air mass
What are associated with very severe thunderstorms called supercells
A mound of water driven toward coastal areas by hurricane winds are called
storm surge
Forms when an air mass rises as a result of orographic lifting
mountain thunderstorm
Up and down drafts that characterize severe thunderstroms are the result of
unstable air, differences in temperature of the upper and lower parts of the storm
Third stage in the development of a hurricane
tropical storm
What time of the day do air mass thunderstorm reach their maximum
early evening
What stage of a thunderstorm formation does air move mostly downward
What part of a hurricane has the strongest winds
eye wall
Hail forms in part because of the presence of
super cold water droplets
What is the second stage of lighting
return stroke
Storm surge, what type of weather is occurring and where are you.
Hurricane in coastal Florida
At an oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary
old crust is recycled by subduction
Many early mapmakers thought Earth's continents had moved based on
Matching coastlines
The magnetic pattern of ocean-floor rocks on one side of an ocean ridge is
a mirror image of that of the other side
Continental-continental plate collisions produce
very tall mountain ranges
__________ is a process that occurs at convergent boundaries
slab pull
A narrow elongated depression in the seafloor
deep-sea trench
What phenomenon occurs along a transform boundary
Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of a
divergent boundary
Subduction results in the formation of
deep-sea trench