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David Livingstone

explorer/ missionary thae t aimed to end slavtrade in Africa by bringing Christianity and other trades to Africa

Taiping rebellion

1850-1864, peasant revolt, wanted to end Qing dynasty in China, leader Hong Ziuquan (thought he was Jesus's brother), millions died

Berlin Conference

1884 Europeans held conference in Germany to divide Africa & its trade, Africans not allowed at conference

Suez canal

100 mile water way linking Mediterranean & red sea, shortened sea route from Europe to Indian ocean

Opium War

1839 British merchants ships attacked by chinese warships to stop the spread of opium in china, forced british to sign treaty of Nanjing

Sepoy revolt

1857, revolt broke out in India with Sepoys, Indian soldiers & the British, British fought & won against Sepoys.

Open door policy

U.S. policy about China to keep trade open for everybody, 1899

Spanish American War

1898-1901, american vs. spanish, americans fought & conquered phillipines, mainly fought in Cuba

Monroe Doctrine

James Monroe issued document in 1823, Europeans should stay out of W. Hemisphere

Cecil Rhodes

1853-1902, S. Africa minning gold & diamonds, Helped Britain extend Empire, named British colony Rhodesia