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The Batttle of Lake Erie
Most important naval victory.Winter of 1812-13 America began to build a fleet on Lake Erie shores. Man in charge Oliver Hazard Perry.Small British fleet sent out to desroy america fleet in 1813.
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Washington sends army to secure Ohiho valley,defeated by Miami chief Little Turtle.
1876 Battle of Little Big Horn
Last Natie Amerivan victory against the drive to destruy them and their way of life. Bu the 1860's treties between US& the Indians were being broken on both sides. In 1864 a band of Colorado state militia attacked Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians Creek.
1830 Indian Removal Act
US forces ALL Native Americans to move W. of Mississippi River. Trail of Tears describes conditions of the path Indians were forced to follow.
Little BigHorn
Most famous Indian war took place in June 1876 after tensions were arisen in the black halls of the Dakotas.The Americans found gold in the hills and sent miners and they didnt care it wasnt there land.
Quakers, Purtian gropu in England during 1650's.Believed
each person could know God directly through inner light. Beliefs caused them to be persecuted.
1793 Spanish Claims
The Soanish clamied much of N.America W.of the Mississippi
Controled FL&crucial points of New Orleans. Spain encouraged INdians of southeast to resist white settlement.
1974 Treaty of Greenville
U.S. defeats large Indian army & the British desert them forcing them to surrender all their land in Ohio
War of 1812 part 1
1812-1814. Britian still tied up with its fight against France.Britian carried on a limited war in N.America. Set up a blockade. America had fewer then 7,000 men.
Jefferson asks congress to stop foriegn trade.The Embargo Act passed in 1807. Banned US ships from sailing to foriegn port. The act was a disaster.Cirppled US.Gov. lost income. repealed in 1809.
Shawnee leader fless and joins forces with British in Canada. Pushes U.S. to war with Britian. He learned english&read the bible. Tecumsehs halt of white settlement failed.On Nov.7 1811 was the battle of tippecanoe crushing defeat for the shawnee.
1809 Battle of Tippicanoe
U.S. victory drives Indians from Indiana.War of 1812 White House is burned to the ground.
1675 King Phillips War
War marked begininning of the relentless Europeean destruction if Native Americans in North America. Tribes in Connecticut,Mass,Rhode Island
Europeans and Indians
They often traded with eachother.Europens survival depended on the Indians. The more they learned from the Indians the less they needed from them. Later the pressuered the Indians form their land.